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Summer Survival Guide

As Xtasy so sadly put it, winter is over and the woollies are all packed. While I am quite reluctant to let go of my shawls, the thought of summer is getting me quite excited for the first time in years, perhaps because this winter was so long drawn out. But since summer is here, let’s get down to the Summer Survival Guide:

Winter’s Over

Winter’s officially over, the woolies are back in storage for about another 8 months, air conditioners are running, office timings are back to normal and the dreaded loading shedding will commence soon.

double hay ustaad

It’s official. Muslim coach drivers are the worst. I am lucky enough to take the bus every day so I can say that with full confidence. I am usually not in a hurry to get to work but they drive so fast I get there 15 minutes before start. I hate standing outside my office, waiting for it to open, looking like an enthusiastic employee eager to start his day. No thanks. I know many other ways to impress my boss.

In addition to making me look like a stupid, muslim coach drivers play a very important role in digesting the breakfast that my mom prepares for me and I enjoy having it every single morning. Not to mention all those messed up clothes. As a result I have to use the rest room, and re-align my clothing as soon as I get into my work place. I wonder what the co-workers think about me.

I will probably have to think about getting a car if situation didnt change in near future.



Black Fish

Black Fish is pakistan’s first improvisational comedy troupe(on the lines of Who’s Line is it Anyway). Do check out the review by our very own Saba Imtiaz.
The troupe was in Manchester last summer participating in the Contacting the World theatre project organized in collaboration with the British Council. In a city starved of healthy entertainment they have surely created a niche for themselves.
They are finally back after a long absence of almost 4 months (correct me if I am wrong). Have their next show on the 6th of March at the PACC. Hope I can get hold of the tickets before they sell out.
Shows are usually on sunday evenings at the Part Towers Auditorium and tickets are priced at an extremely reasonable Rs.150. They are available a few days in advance at the Agha’s Supermarket or at the venue itself(though i wouldn’t risk it). The show starts at 8pm and lasts about an hour and i’ve found them to be quite punctual.

Seven saints

When you think about it, there is something extremely mysterious about this city. Maybe its the smog or the sea air that gets Karachiittes living the fast paced and hectic life that they lead.

And coming to the sea…

According to folk tales or rumors, Karachi is guarded by seven saints, one of the most famous being Abdullah Shah Ghazi, who’s shrine is thronged by people from all walks of life at any time of the day. These saints are said to safeguard the city from all sorts of sea-related calamities, which is perhaps why Karachi has (thankfully), never been the victim of cyclones, Tsunamis, floods and more. A friend did question the authencity of this rumor by bringing up the example of the oil spill that took place a few years ago, but then I consider that a man-made calamity, than anything else. The disastrous consequences to the oil spill could have very well been minimized had the government taken some form of action. As far as I remember, the Edhi Foundation employed heroin addicts to help clear the beach, as they were the only ones willing to do so to earn some money. But that issue shall be the subject of another post, in the near future.

Sigh. I miss the beach. I.I. Chundrigar needs to have a direct view of the beach, rather than an open gutter line, which is what I can see when I peer out of my window.

Karachi – The Queen of the East

“One day she will be the Queen of the East”, said Charles Napier a hundred year ago about Karachi. It was then only a small village. Today Karachi bursts upon the visitor as a vast commercial and industrial center, a sea of people teeming with human activity, its population having already exceeded nine million mark and still growing.

This metropolitan city of Karachi was until 1725 A.D. just a barren piece of land , washed on three sides by the blue waters of the Arabian Sea. A few fishermen lived in a small huts on the sunny creek. There was a pool of water on this barren piece of land which was known as Kalachi-jo-Kun. Kalachi was the name of fisherman whereas kun meant a deep kitch. Therefore, “Kalachi-jo-Kun” meant the deep ditch of Kalacahi, the fisherman.

A few mud huts sprang around this point and their numbers increased. Gradually a village came into being . This village was called as Kalachi-jo-Ghote, which as time passed grew into prominence.

hummm .. that was a little about my city . Ill put a little history into perspective every once in a while .You know what they say , One should know his history .Waisay there is a dhaaba halfway to hyderabad when you go by car , they have a jute couch upfront with a banner hung to its bottom .. it sayz “Kalachi-jo-Ghote” …..

Those of you who want to blog for us , plz click here.

Bloggers wanted

We, at Metroblogging Karachi, are looking for talanted bloggers who could present the city with a unique perspective. If you have a lot to share about karachi but can’t find anyone interested, then this is your chance. Join us and tell us all. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Not only you will be read, but who knows, you might initiate a process that could make things better in some way.

In return you will get large audience, recognition, and occasionally get picked on by other metrobloggers. All in all, it will be an enjoyable experience.

So if you have what it takes to be the blogger for karachi, then join now and start blogging. Let the world know what Karachi is all about.

Zamzama Park

Staying right in front of a park is just the same. People are always assuming I go there everyday. I havn’t even been there once, but how can I without my nike track suit, my nike joggers and oh yes lets not forget the flashy iPod.

The Beach


It never fails. Every single time a relative comes to visit at our place, they state what, to them, is the glaringly obvious: “you must got to the beach every day!”. Up until last year, my reply was always to gently break it to them that if you live within walking distance of the beach, it becomes an everyday occurance and makes you much less inclined to visit it every single day.

Recently, though, I have rediscovered the joys of the beach in winter. Here’s a handy tip: wear a heavy sweater. With the weather fluctuating like crazy as of late, the absolute best way to have some fun is to run around barefoot on a beach somewhere eating various cold sugary treats, be it the elitist French beach, the free-for-all Clifton Beach, or any of the various beaches in between, just grab a towel, throw off your sandals and run with the wind!

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