Sindhi Muslim

One used to remember Sindhi Muslim Co-operative Housing Society (SMCHS) as the place to get yummy falooda, milkshakes and kababs from Bundu Khan. Despite the addition of newer restaurants like Nando’s and Biryani Centre, SMCHS now only brings one word to mind = traffic.

At any time of the day, you’ll see a long line of cars, rikshaws, taxis, and occassionally even trucks from the SMCHS traffic signal extending all the way down to the Tariq Road roundabout, popularly known as the Allah wali chawrangi. So while being stuck in traffic, waiting patiently for the signal to turn a blissful green, one does many things to pass the time, a list of which follows:

1: Making up excuses to tell boss why one is late in case boss decides to show up early at the office for a change.

2: Count the number of boys selling bouquets and gajras.

3: Wonder if you have enough time to leave your car stuck there, get a milkshake and run back.

4: Look at the Pathans having their breakfast at the cafe next door and wonder why people can’t donate more instead of spending cash on Gucci bags and Rolex watches.

5: Curse all the politicians, with special curses reserved for the PM and President in case they decide to land in Karachi and make life even more miserable.

6: Plug in your headset in your cell phone (if it has the Radio option) and realize Barry White is playing on 89 for the millionth time.

So the next time you’re stuck at Sindhi Muslim, make sure you have lots of snacks, a book and some loose change packed.

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  1. aalahazrat (unregistered) on February 17th, 2005 @ 7:56 pm

    You think that is bad. I have to travel from North Nazimabad to Bath Island every day. 40 minute trip going at 9 am and 1 hour 20 minute trip coming back at 5 pm.

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