Everyday, I have to pass through one of the major arteries of Karachi. The main road through Golimar. It connects all of Nazimabad, North Nazimabad and everything north of that to the main business centres of Karachi and other southern areas of the city.

Suddenly some people decided that the road has to be built, actually is was in a pretty bad condition. They closed the whole road and ripped it up to start making it from scratch, I completely support this as well.

The problem started when the work started. Work is progressing very very slowly and that is exactly why it seems as if this road building will take another month or so. I am happy that eventually the road will be a lot better but noone I have talked to has been happy with the speed at which the work is progressing.

Frankly, I have never passed that road and seen any kind of work being done over there. There are all kinds of mechanical equipment lying across the length of the road but I have never seen even one of them moving about.

At the same time everyone who used that road has to use another VERY heavily traversed road, Jahangir Road. Causing severe traffic jams due to which everyday I have to spend at least fifteen minutes more in horrible traffic to get home. I hope this gets resolved soon.

This situation actually shows the extreme level of incompetency of the management of the whole road rebuilding process. We can only hope that people learn from this experience and next time proper thinking is done before a project turns the lives of the citizens of this city into hell.

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