They are the creatures that prowl on the roads of this great city of ours. Like wild insects swarming together on well traversed routes. Covered in camouflage and colours of a million hues. Plying the regular routes to and fro, to and fro seemingly with no aim in life. They are noisy, hurried and irregular. Just as the city and its people. They are our Karachi Busses. Not the new, dead, solid colour, monotonous, industrial, mechanical busses. The old, lively, colourful, vibrant, passionate, unpredictable ones that we grew up with.

Once you step up onto a bus things change. The inside is completely different from the extremely colourful outside. There are people trying to get into a space smaller than they all need. There are pan stains in a few corners. There are people peering out of the windows looking at a city in revolution pass them by, or them passing it by. There is loud music blaring out of bad quality speakers. There is a constant loud noise of the engine pulling the steel body through the city. You try to find a seat and sit down.

But once you get a seat and you sit down by the window and look out. The city looks different. It passes you by faster than it would in a car. It is lower than you than it would be in a car.

Holding the metal window bars will project the buzz of the engine into my hands. A light buzzing of a huge powerful machine in the palm of my hands. The power is palpable.

Then I will get off the bus. Go home. But, the bus will keep plying the self same routes over and over again, 2K, 7C, W22, Khan Coach etc etc etc, every one with a name lovingly etched into our minds for the rest of our lives. Everyone with a special characteristic depending on who it picks up from what neighbourhood and drops them at what neighbourhood for what reason.

They are all different from each other yet all the same. Just like us.

The only question is if the new busses represent what we are becoming – Westernized, Industrialized, Capitalized, Mechanized Robots?

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