loose temper

Today while I was coming home from work, I witnessed an interesting event.

It so happened that a man was probably travelling in bus for the first time and was not much familiar with the streets. He wanted to get off at nursery bus stop, but was very skeptical that he might miss it, so he was asking from other passengers and the conducter that whether or not nursery was approaching. Finally nursery came and he was informed by the conductor that your stop is coming and come at the gate. But instead of standing and waiting at the last step of the bus exit, he kept waiting where other passengers stand. It seemed as if he was afraid of the bus and didn’t want to stand too close to the door. This annoyed the conductor and he went, “bhai saab gate per aa jao na”. But the poor guy was too scared.

In the mean time the stop came and as the bus drivers usually do, he didn’t stop the bus completely, but slowed it down just enough for the passengers to get out. So when the bus slowed down enough the conductor just pushed the man out of the bus door because he was still not close enough to the exit (maybe he was waiting for the bus to come at a complete halt (this is karachi, stupid!))

And thus starts a fight. Between the conductor and the nervous traveller. It could have been a nice show but the driver was impatient (or maybe intelligent) so he started moving the bus and the conductor had to get on it. Otherwise it could have been a bloody war.

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