I.I Chundrigarh

Every city has an essence. Every city has a flavour. Every city has a heart, that, although completely different from the rest of the city, still defines it in a strange yet powerfully potent way. As far as I am concerned, for me, that is the I.I. Chundrigarh Road.

With so many offices and so many people working in them, the road seems as if it is alive. It pulsates with the activity going on in all the hundreds of offices on its shores, on its footpaths and all the lanes open to traffic. It has the feeling of being in a major powerhouse. Buzzing with the creation of power. It breathes. The ebb and flow of traffic feels like the breath of a titan ready to charge at any moment. The road reflects in the city’s spirit. Always on the go, vibrant, confused and hectic. The traffic moves in the most amazingly indisciplined way but even then manages to pass by very smoothly. Somehow, like life in the city, order has come out of disorder in an amazing way.

A thousand people with a thousand lives working in a thousand offices sitting in a thousand cars going to a thousand homes in a thousand neighbourhoods and all of them waiting at the same traffic light at the end of I.I. Chundrigarh Road to turn green at six every weekday. Seems like the whole city has wrapped itself into a tiny space.

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  1. huma (unregistered) on March 22nd, 2005 @ 12:21 am

    Sigh, I know what you mean.

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