All eyes fixed. All minds fixated. All upon the darling buds of May. Rather, in our case, the darling hot winds and humid breezes, coupled with long breaks in the power supply and horrifying traffic jams in unairconditioned cars.

Summer comes upon us suddely, as if trying to pounce upon its prey. We are covered and engulfed. The Mangoes that were two months ago only flowers that littered my front lawn and were one month ago small green buttons are now half the size of a grown woman’s fist. And now they try to fall on me when I come into the house. I dont like them any more. I liked them more when they were younger and in their flower stage.

But the element in this weather of Karachi that I fixate most upon is the power breakdowns. They come upon us like rain in the tropics or snowfall in the polar regions. Suddenly and with vengeance. Those of us without backup power generators (such as yours trule) suffer. But then again, what is the use of a season if you can not even tag it will severe emotional upheavals.

So, enjoy your summers, drink lots of water, have lots of fun, go to the beach, DO NOT eat paey or nihari for lunch and try to drink Lassi as much as you can!

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  1. A (unregistered) on May 2nd, 2005 @ 10:36 am

    Why half the size of a grown woman’s fist? Why not the size of a greedy ten year old boy’s fist, that is waiting for the siesta time, that it climbs up and steal some kairian?

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