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alive again

Finally, I can get online. It’s been rough two days, without internet and all. The entire country was offline. I am not sure what the status is right now, but my connection is really slow, which means cybernet is using its backup line. Which means the sub-marine line is not fixed yet. Let’s see how long it takes. We’ve been complaining about electricity and weather, they denied us the internet. How ironic is that.


It’s a beautiful day / don’t let it get away

beautiful monday

Today after a long time I felt good driving to work on a Monday morning. Today I wasn’t bothered by the congested traffic, the honking, the annoying traffic police, and the irritating beggers. Not that they weren’t there, but I was so indulged by the cloudy sky that I didn’t notice anything else. Today I was reminded that June is almost over and July is just around the corner, which means more clouds and rain and less heat. And lastly, today I didn’t sweat on my way to work, which means a good mood in the office and a happy boss at the end of the day.

Happy monsoon, Karachi. We’re almost there.

The Cineplex

For too long have the line of cinemas near Saddar ruled the cinematic experience in Karachi. A while ago, Karachi’s very first Cineplex was started up on Main Seaview, a little further than the Salt & Pepper Village building. Being a lover of watching movies on as large a screen as possible with as much buttered popcorn as can be consumed available during the experience, I have visited the Cineplex several times. What follow is a sum of my experiences:

an open letter to God


Dear God,

Would you please turn down the heat a little? And yes, send some rain this way as well.



The heat wave has finally subsided and the mercury has dropped from a ridiculous 44∞C to a bearable 33∞C. It’s quite pleasant actually, a bit cloudy, cool breeze. Wish i could take off from work.



One would think, that being an internationally renowned franchise, the Karachi branches of Subway would try to match the international standards by at least 1/10th. Wrong. Quite wrong.

my karachi moblog

Here’s a shameless plug. I post one picture of Karachi every day on my blog. The shots are taken using my camera phone, then I post them on the blog using GPRS. So basically, it’s a moblog. Do look at it every day and let me know what do you think about this little project of mine. Your comments and feedback shall be highly appreciated.

Oh, for heaven’s sake..

Hindu Gymkhana

Click the picture to see a larger version

Now what really irritates me are these NAPA people. First they went ahead and put an UGLY board on the Hindu Gymkhana wall, which was removed after there was a lot of shor sharaba over it. And now they plan to start construction on the premises! Granted, they have the patronage of the President and some of the most talented people in Pakistan, but according to the report in Dawn today,

“The Seth Ramgopal Goverdhandas Mohatta Hindu Gymkhana is protected under the Sindh Cultural Heritage Protection Act. Nobody, including the owner, is allowed to carry out new construction, repairs, renovations in a building protected under the act, which prescribes long prison terms and heavy fines for violators.”

The Karachi Building Control Authority needs to get its act together – Karachi’s turned into a concrete jungle already, and it would be sad to see the Hindu Gymkhana despoiled.

Heat Wave!

Karachi is experiencing a heat which is expected to last a few more day according to weather forecasts. We did have a couple of showers lasting around 5 minutes each and they seem to have done no good, might have made matters worse in fact. The air conditioners in my office are also not working, seems like the heat got to them too.

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