Putli Ghar

Metroblogger Saba and I just attended this play by The Corporate Nautankeez titled ‘Putli Ghar’. To put it mildly, the play was the worst theatre performance that I’ve ever had the misfortune to see – it could have been saved from disgrace, had it not been for the stage lights that kept going on and off every one minute or so to indicate a new scene, the ghost like stage hand, who would roam about the stage in the dark fixing the props, the stagehands who would mysteriously appear from nowhere in the beginning of the scene and the fact that the performance started 45 minutes late since the organizers were waiting for their ‘corporate guests’ to show up. The only good points about the show were:

a: I didn’t have to pay for my tickets.
b: The comments by the gang of friends sitting in the audience kept us entertained.
c: The performance by Maliha, who was playing the role of a dramatic weird woman Rabia was quite realistic. I shudder to think at how her married life will be.

Lesson of the day? Never attend a theatre performance unless you know the actors by their nick names, no matter how great the lure of free tickets is.

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  1. Phil (unregistered) on July 9th, 2005 @ 6:21 am

    Oh, well, I have to disagree! I would grab first any freebie I get for any performance. Yes its really entertaining to yell taunts at the actors, and performers, being typical Pakistanis. And enjoying them instead of telling them to shut up and get a life! We are really progressing!

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