The Oddest Thing…

I seem to have wandered into the Twilight Zone. It’s been three days since the last time the electricity was turned off at an absurd hour due to loadshedding. It’s also been three days since my neighbourhood has had to order up one of those water tankers because we’ve had plentiful running water at any time of the day or night. I feel like an unwitting death row inmate being fed a hearty last supper now and frankly, it’s a little unnerving. What happened to all the inconvenience, discomfort and general dissatisfaction that comes with living in Karachi?

PS: If anyone from the KESC or DHA is reading this, well done!

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  1. umar (unregistered) on July 24th, 2005 @ 2:24 am

    send some water over here… we are running short

  2. Zaheer (unregistered) on July 24th, 2005 @ 9:19 am


    sorry to jump in again, but then again… anyway what I was saying is that .. I saw group photos of Karachi metro-bloggers first meet up. my first impression was (to be honest), “i was being too serious when I wrote to this group about doing something about KESC, these girls and guys are making the best of their time in karachi, using the right tech, even under electricity/internet circumstances of karachi” but then i thought Are they really making the best of their time and youthful energy? – what seriously can i expect to come out of our verbal or written exchanges, can ‘we’ survive our first encounter with concrete reality out there? after some consideration, optimism prevailed and my response was ‘yes, it is possible’. That is why I am writing again today – to urge you to open up your mind to the possibility of making a change, a difference , even if it is a small one. To anyone reading this and could not understand what i have been talking about I offer my oppologies and summarize my comments (present and past) as below:

    1.Electricity situation in Karachi is bad. 2.There are many cities in the world that have no electricity problems, even when they have no more resources than what Karachi has. 3.Few good people with right motivation and knowledge can bring in huge changes in the system. 4. we can make a difference.

    if you do not agree with any of the above four points and wish to argue with me, you are more than welcome. Write to me at the address given above or through this blog.

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