touching the clouds

Ok, I know I have been baffling about this previously, but, it really should rain this time around, specially when the clouds are so low I could almost touch them. I really don’t wanna work in this kind of weather. It could rain any minute, and it hasn’t rained for ages. I just wanna be under the sky and wait for the rain, and then, just get soaked when it does. That’s it. I am gonna go and talk to my boss. I am not feeling well. I need to go home. *evil laugh*

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  1. Babar (unregistered) on July 28th, 2005 @ 12:21 pm

    Why not pamper yourself with an extra-long shower, it sounds lame but it’s the closest you can get to the feeling of rain. Unless you decide to go crazy with the hose or the sprinklers in your (or someone else’s) backyard. Some Rainfest 2005 writer (Carol Lavoie) scribed this poem called ‘Desert Skin’. Reminded me of your state. Enjoy your day recovering from Evil-litis. ;)

    Desert Skin, by Carol Lavoie

    Cracking and peeling, flakes fall,

    float down to the dry earth.

    Blazing rays blast,

    incessantly desiccating.

    Sweet respite gained only at dusk.

    Dawn again. Again, another search

    for shelter, shade, moisture mostly.

    Flakes of skin, shells of cells

    broken, empty, hollow.

    Air where water belongs.

    Water in the air,

    collecting in clouds.

    Skin so crusted it cannot feel

    the Change in the weather,

    doesn’t remember.

    Cells that still function

    (inside the shelter,

    behind the facade)

    detect the scent of rain in the air

    like the skin of the nose

    of a starving dog discovering a hint

    of a morsel of meat –

    Awakening, alert, all

    senses focused forward,

    Rain is in the air.

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