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A random shirt spotted in Zainab Market


Where in Karachi: #8

Guess the place. Answer will be announced tomorrow.



While Mr. Donkeyís are taking exhausting overloaded ride, garbage has overflowed and occupied half of the road in Gulshan Town. Ironically there are two KMC vehicles in the frame of picture, dedicated to clean the city.

At the same time some people have managed to go to the wall behind (because it is a lovely sight for the advertisement?) and paint the advertisements for Mr. Tutor, Jinnah coaching center and of course, if you would like to go for a relaxing, fresh, picnic, Al-Khizra farms.

clifton beach at sunset


Taken from a friend’s friend’s photo album :)

Traffic police

We see them everyday, but whenever we see them we don’t get a very pleasent feeling. There’s a long history of bad experiences between them and general public, as a result of which they have lost all their respect. But they can earn it back if they try hard enough.

Monsoon… remembered!!!

Although I was a fanatic lover of rain in childhood, recently I have been more reluctant, but still, I would have loved few good showers ñ atleast. Umarís post reminded me that two years ago Karachi was flooded with rains right from the July. Three friends had accidents that year because of those rains and it wouldnít have been easy avoiding.

Here is a picture from July 25th 2003. Take a look at my visibility. Yes I know its crazy taking a picture while driving in that kinda visibility but I wasnít seeing anything anyway.

monsoon… maybe next year

Now that the heat is back on and clouds don’t show up in the mornings anymore, it can be safely assumed that monsoons missed Karachi this year. Some people might take it as a good thing as the city can’t take too much rain, but still, it would have been nice to have a few showers (not drizzles). I have officially stopped hoping for rain from today. With September coming, the heat is going to be a killer. Let’s focus on keeping ourselves hydrated.

Turning on to Khayaban-e-Hafiz road from the Defence Sunday Bazaar Road, you will see one of those public service message board things that says,

“Love to soil Pakistan”

Go figure? :/

Marketing gimmicks

McDonalds is promoting this new product. What cracks me up is that the model is in Arabic dress and their tagline is in Punjabi. I can’t even imagine how an Arab would look speaking Punjabi. And that sure makes me not want to try that new burger.

where in Karachi: #7

Ab aaye ga maza

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