God doesn’t seem to be so happy.

Mystery surrounds Karachi coast fresh tremors
KARACHI: Karachi coastal areas rocked by mysterious tremors at the night between Friday and Saturday.

The residents of the area ran out of their houses scared by the rocking walls of their homes. According to the residents of Defence and Clifton areas at least two tremors jolt their localities at 2:00 am in midnight, while a loud sound was also heard before the jolts.

Sindh Advisor for Information Salahuddin Hyder talking with Geo said it was third incident of tremors in the coastal area but it could not be confirmed whether these jolts were result of the seismic activity.

├ČThese tremors were not recorded at our Richter scale├«, met department sources in Peshawar said.

Source: The News

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  1. misha (unregistered) on August 13th, 2005 @ 1:49 pm

    Yeah, I felt those. Felt about the same as the previous ones, but I didn’t see any signs of people running out of their homes in terror or even any signs of anyone paying much attention to them. Definitely not a good sign, though, these bi-monthly rumblings.

  2. Bilal Mirza (unregistered) on August 13th, 2005 @ 7:29 pm

    its something realy serios and should be investigated as karachi was previosly shocked in a similar way back n in 1945……….check the details below….. the similarity bw the 1945 and the current events seems to be linked i.e. mysteriosly breakage of international underwater communication cable, sonds before the earthquake and only affecting the coastal area , defence and clifton…

    check out the intersting facts.

    1945 – M8.0, Mekran Coast Earthquake

    13 August 2005


    27 November 1945


    87.1 kms SSW of Churi (Balochistan), Pakistan

    Origin Time:

    21:56 UTC (02:56 PST / 03:26 IST)


    24.500 N (4)


    63.000 E (4)



    Mw 8.0 (4), Ms 7.8 (4)


    10.2*10*21 Nm (4)

    A “great” earthquake struck the Mekran Coast of Pakistan at 02:56 AM local time on 28 November 1945. A major Indian Ocean-wide tsunami was generated by this earthquake which struck the coast of India and was recorded as far as the Seychelles.

    The epicentre of the earthquake was located 87.1 kilometres SSW of Churi (Balochistan), Pakistan,

    or 97.6 kilometres SSW of Pasni (Balochistan), Pakistan,

    or 98.5 kilometres SE of Gwadar (Balochistan), Pakistan,

    or 182 kilometres WSW of Ormara (Balochistan), Pakistan,

    or 381 kilometres SE of Iranshahr (Sistan va Baluchestan), Iran,

    or 408 kilometres W of Karachi (Sindh), Pakistan,

    or 465 kilometres ENE of Muscat, Oman,

    or 596 kilometres SSE of Zahedan (Sistan va Baluchestan), Iran,

    or 738 kilometres SE of Bander-e Abbas (Hormozgan), Iran,

    or 1184 kms NW of Haji Ali-Worli, Mumbai (Maharashtra), India.

    The quake was severely felt (3) in Balochistan and the Las Bela area of Pakistan. In Karachi (3) the shock lasted 30-seconds, rattling doors & windows and shattering a few window-panes. The clock on the buildings of the Municipal Corporation stopped (3). It was felt widely in western and southern sections of the city. People were reported (3) to have been “throw out of their beds” in the city. The cable link between Karachi and Muscat was interrupted (3) . The Cape Moze lighthouse, 45 miles from Karachi was damaged (3). It was also strongly (3) felt at Manora and moderately (3) in Panjgaur. The 80-foot lighthouse at Manora was damaged (3) in the quake and a couple of pounds of mercury spilt. It was not felt (3) in Lahore, though it was felt (3) at Kanpur. The shock was recorded (3) by observatories at Delhi, Kolkata and Kodaikanal.

    The earthquake was also characterized by the eruption of a mud volcanoes (5), a few miles off the Mekran Coast, which are common feature in Western Pakistan and Myanmar. It led to the formation of a four small islands. A large volume of gas that erupted from one of the islands, sent flames leaping “hundreds of meters” into the sky (5).

    The most significant aspect of this earthquake was the tsunamis that it triggered. The tsunami reached a height of 40 feet in some Mekran ports and caused great damage (3) to the entire coastal region. The fishing village of Khudi, some 30 miles west of Karachi, was completely obliterated (3) and the inhabitants and their huts were washed away. At Dabo creek, 12 fishermen were swept into the sea (3). There was similar loss (3) of life and crafts along the coasts of Mekran, Iran and Oman. The towns of Pasni and Ormara were badly affected. Both were reportedly “underwater” (3) after the tsunami. Pasni’s postal & telegraph offices, government buildings and the rest houses were destroyed (3) and “a good number of people” were washed away. A total of 4,000 deaths (6) are blamed on this earthquake. The telegraphic communications to these two places were also cut (3). The tsunami was also recorded (3) at Muscat and Gwadar. At Karachi, the tsunami arrived (3) from the direction of Clifton and Ghizri, where it ran along the oil installations at Keamari and flooded a couple of compounds. The waves were 6.5 feet high (3) in Karachi. The first wave was recorded (3) at 5:30 AM LT, then at 7:00 AM LT, 7:15 AM LT and finally at 8:15 AM LT. The last wave at 8:15 LT was the biggest (3). There was no damage (3) either to the port or to boats in Karachi Harbour.

    The tsunami had a height of 11.0-11.5 meters in Kachchh, Gujarat (2). At 8:15 AM LT, it struck Salsette Island i.e Mumbai (3). It was recorded (3) in Bombay Harbour, Versova (Andheri), Haji Ali (Mahalaxmi), Juhu (Ville Parle) and Danda (Khar). At Versova (Andheri, Mumbai), 5 persons who were fishing were washed away (3). At Haji Ali (Mahalaxmi, Mumbai), 6 persons were swept into the sea while returning from the Haji Ali mosque (3). At Danda and Juhu (3), several fishing boats were torn off their moorings. The tsunami did not do any damage to Bombay Harbour. Most persons who witnessed the tsunami said that it rose like the tide coming in, but much more rapidly. The height of the tsunami in Mumbai was 2 meters (5). 15 persons deaths were recorded (3) in Mumbai. Tsunami induced tidal surges were also reported from Karwar (1) and a tide gauge as far as the Seychelles recorded (1) a disturbance of 1-metre.

  3. S Qureshi (unregistered) on August 17th, 2005 @ 10:58 am

    I heard them and felt them all. The scary thing is that they come at night & they bring a sound before the shake. Which brings the mind to wonder, is it a quake or something else. Could it be an off-shore-deep-seabed nuclear explosion ?

    I have felt many of these quakes upcountry but I have never felt a quake like this.

    The story of 1945 is also scary, expecially if you look into the facts associated to it.

  4. Amna Saleem (unregistered) on October 13th, 2005 @ 5:48 pm

    Yes, i felt the earthquakes but nobody is finding out that what is causing these.These kind of quakes can be symptoms of Tsunami.People here are in great fear esp. in defence and clifton.Most of the people are spending there nights outside their houses for the past two days.

  5. Aly P (unregistered) on October 14th, 2005 @ 3:57 am

    Ya im sleepin out 2 ;) haha ….
    Guys go an sleep.. if it hasta come it will…
    all u can do is pray…
    If death an destruction is destined…it shall come… an no 1 can do anything … even if we know its gonnna hit us .. so SLEEP..

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