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A new pizza place!

The much debated Papa John’s Pizza opened today at The Plaza, opposite Do Talwar. Anyone who has gone yet – post reviews!

HB architecture

I was lucky enough to get a nice view of HB plaza. Anathema said in this thread that the architecture resembles a stack of coins. Now you decide if that’s really the case.

the naivety of it all..

This report in The News today made me laugh out loud at the naivety of it all.Traffic problems can’t be magically fixed within a week. Boarding up the already cramped women’s compartments might help, but wouldn’t it be better to actually enforce rules and fines and educate people? And I’m actually going to try caling 15 the next time I’m harassed on the road – I’d be surprised if the police would even bat an eyelid at a woman in distress.

KARACHI: Sindh Home Minister Rauf Siddiqi issued instructions to the capital city police officer (CCPO), and the DIG, traffic, to resolve all traffic problems and transporters have been instructed mend their ways in a weekís time.

Saying that women were subjected to humiliation while traveling in mini-buses and coaches, he demanded serious action against the violators of traffic rules and regulations, especially those overspeed, overtaking, parking at wrong places during rush hours, and violation of signals.

According to a press release issued by the information department, government of Sindh, the interior minister has got complaints from women who face problems at the hands of men traveling in ladiesí compartmentsí.

Transporters have been instructed to veil ladies compartments with light metal sheets within seven days and advised women commuters to contact ’15’ or the nearest police station in case of any misconduct by male passengers.

Yo man!!

Lets rock.

Haha. Loved this dude.


beat the rush hour traffic

I think I have discovered the secret to avoiding the rush hour traffic and delays, specially on SF. It’s actually based on the analysis of traffic trends in relation to time. Then I applied complex scientific equations to data collected and came up with the ultimate strategy to drive around town without being effected by the congestions.

Ok, that was supposed to be a joke.

But seriously, what I have noticed is that after 9 am traffic on SF is in the worst state. Until 845 or so, it is bearable. I know it sounds odd since most offices start at 9, but if you pass the nursery area before 845 then it’s a smooth ride. Around 9 am, all the cars come to SF from nowhere. It’s like magic. The clock strikes 9 and boom, the road is full of cars! So try it sometime. If you are the victim of rush hour traffic then try leaving home 10 minutes early. Let me know if it works.

Where in Karachi: # 22

Hope this one is difficult …but u ppl r experts :(


Where in Karachi: #21

your time starts now.


Hope it completes someday :-\


overloaded trucks

Ok, the one in the picture is not that bad, but we all have witnessed ridiculously overloaded trucks in the streets, which appear as if they would trip over any moment.

Where in Karachi: # 20


24 hours left…

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