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Ebco v/s Naheed Supermarket


A LOT of people had told me that Ebco was far more expensive than Naheed Supermarket, which was quite true. However, today I got the shock out of my life. I went to the cosmetics counter at Naheed and asked how much a MAC concealer was for – 2200 rupees was the price they quoted. Shockingly, a few days ago at Ebco, the same product was priced at Rs. 3600. I can understand a 100-200 rupee difference, but 1400 rupees was extremely hard to digest. Why doesn’t anyone check these things, and more importantly, till how long will gullible customers be fooled?

Free Nestle cartons :D

I love getting free stuff! :D Just came back from Naheed Supermarket, where they were giving away free half litre cartons of Nestle’s low fat milk. Since me and my father were royally pissed off at Nestle, we decided to take advantage of the offer, and proceeded to mooch 4 free cartons. I am beginning to have the feeling that the low fat milk isnt selling well, this is the third sales offer they’ve had at Naheed in the past months – first it was free cartons, then it was their buy 1, get 1 free deal. Anyhoo, I’m going to start praying that the free cartons don’t have spoilt milk in them…

Chand Raat

One of the highlights of Ramazan in Karachi is Chand Raat – the entire city doesn’t seem to go to sleep until 6 AM, and there’s this mad shopping frenzy in the air, combined with this city-wide spirit to just aimlessly stroll the streets and take in the sights and sounds. What are your Chand Raat rituals – do you do the same thing every year, or has the excitement worn off as you got older..tell all :)

Earthquake predictions

This guy seems to be able to predict earthquake by observing the cloud patterns. He claims to have correctly predicted the October 8 earthquake. Sadly, I discovered the website only after the disaster striked. But he predicts another 7.0 earthquake in South California on or before February 3, 2006. So now we have a prediction of an earthquake that’s not yet occured. I suggest we bookmark this post and see if the prediction comes true.

Karachi is Beautiful…Try to Enhance its Glow!

To me but I would like to say “to all us” all the groups and individuals living in Karachi the second most acute problem is Untidiness. (First is Terrific Traffic) We can see loads of garbage every were from Markets to Parks, from Streets to Beaches… It not only pollutes our environment but also cause severe personal/social and civil hazards. Being a responsible Karachiite we have to take part let us discuss the possible cures and our suggestions.

Karachi – Wallpaper

Karachi – Wallpaper
Originally uploaded by atrophying.

One of our readers Talha just sent us this great wallpaper on Karachi – click on the picture for a bigger size..

Beta, Omega, Phi..

Just saw this headline: ‘Hurricane Beta hits Nicaragua coast’ – what is with the names of hurricanes these days? We’ve had Katrina, Rita, Wilma and now Beta!? Are Hurricane Omega and Hurricane Phi on their way?

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Tragedies in India

The world is really messed up. No place is safe anymore. There is no secure form of travel left. With all these people dying everyday, I am begnining to wonder if world population is increasing or decreasing.

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Karachi Wishlist 8

Image from

1: Rikshaws that don’t emit gallons of smoke.
2: Rikshaws with silencers.
3: Rikshaw drivers that KNOW how to drive.
4: Rikshaws without ten thousand creepy mirrors.
5: Rikshaws with correct meters.
6: Sane rikshaw drivers [yes, I once met a mentally disturbed rikshaw driver who proceeded to creep me out throughout the 30 minute trip]

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No Parking.


If you cant find the correct translation of No Parking, just write it in Urdu. The City Govt calls it Roman English.

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