Of PAF and donations..

Early this morning we went around randomly in IBA to collect donations from people and at the end of the day we had collected 40,000 Rs. It’s times like these that make me proud of what we are :)

I was at PAF museum since 3 and I jsut got back home. I was volunteering alongwith hundreds of other people. It’s as if everyone had known each other since years.. it’s amazing how at times like these we can become so united. Everyone was co-operating and helping in every little way they could. There were even little kids no more than 8 years ld who were trying as hard as they could to organzie stuff in the right places and carry the empty cartons around.

There are so many people donating to the PAF museum that there’s a huge traffic jam at the entrance and its taking ages to get to the parking from the entrance. There is more stuff being donated than there is stuff being sent out :D Since 9 pm yesterday, 3 C-310’s (I think that’s the planes’ name) and 1 Boeing has been sent from PAF Museum. A Boeing has a capacity of 2.5 C-310’s. I keep hoping against hope that what we’re doing is enough. We all need to pool in our efforts and work as hard as we can. What was 25,000 yesterday is now nearing 40,000 deaths, and those are jsut the recorded ones.

May Allah Bless us all.

I will leave you with a picture from PAF,
truly proud to be Pakistani :))

Oct 2005(17)

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