No Burial For Balakot.

Pervez Hoodbhoy wrote an article about his trip to Balakot on Chowk, below is an excerpt from it:

The clock is ticking. In barely two months from now, the mountains will get their first snowfall and temperatures will plummet below zero. There are simply not enough tents, blankets, and warm clothes to go around. Hundreds of tent clusters have come up, but thousands of families remain out under the skies, facing rain and hail, and with dread in their hearts. These families have lost everything but the tattered clothes on their backs. Some even lost the land they had lived upon for generations ñ the top soil simply slid away, leaving behind hard rock and rubble. Those without shelter will die. From a special university fund we have pledged a dozen families to rebuild their houses but ten thousand or more will be needed in the Mansehra-Balakot-Kaghan area alone, not to speak of adjoining Kashmir. Relief groups and donors around the world must make reconstruction of homes their primary goal.

And a final comment: the organizers of have contributed a substantial amount to the Quaid-e-Azam University ñ Eqbal Ahmad Foundation Earthquake Relief Fund. This will enable construction of several houses.

Read the entire article here

To learn how to contribute to the Eqbal Ahmed Foundation, check Chapati Mystery’s list of relief efforts.

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