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With the way the situation is shaping up north, it has surely become clear that we are not looking at an emotional reaction of a relief effort which lasts a month. Instead we are gearing ahead at months and months of effort which might make a few drops of a difference in the end. It’s always easy to take out time in the wake of tragedy, because feelings are raw and ine some way or the other one must, I suppose, assuage the feeling of almost guilty thankfulness that it wasn’t us. So it’s easier to abandon schedules and bend life here and there…but as days slip into weeks, “normality” starts to prevail…the immediate impact lessens as it becomes a TV reality and our usual hectic routines take over. And it’s then we need remind ourselves of the fact that the relief effort MUST go on, as a part of everyday life now. The time, money, effort we take out needs to be on some kind of a long term commitment which means that we all must find specialized individual solutions to HOW we can use our life work…our careers to help. How we can continue “normally” yet still make our contributions, still keep the momento even. If you are an artist, sell some work, come up with creative ways of collecting money; i know some techies out there have put up some very helpful sites to facilitate information, the doctors are invaluable even if not out there in the field, the MBA’s are coming up with the longer term plans, the architects are at it, trying to provide more solutions, both immediate and long term…we are all specialists and we can all, in our own way, help by simply doing what we do everyday.

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