Surgeon Team needs Items URGENTLY

As you know many doctors are working round the clock to save the hundred of casualties coming in from the Earthquake.

A specialist team of dentist is also not far behind and under the umbrella of the Commandant Armed Forces Insitute of Dentistry they have recruited various MaxilloFacial Surgeons from throughout Pakistan to tackle this mammoth task. I have been in constant contact with the relief efforts underway in the AFID. Just now he has issued me an URGENT request for specific items that his surgical team needs. They also need funding to the tune of Rs. 2,80,000 for cardiac trolley and other items. The list of medicines is enclosed, either mail it directly or contact me @ so that a more coordinated effort can be organized in Karachi.

2 Laryngoscope with Blades
Cuffed Endotracheal tubes
50 – RAE- North Pole (Portex) Size ñ 8.0
50 – RAE- North Pole (Portex) Size — 7.5
50 – RAE- North Pole (Portex) Size —7.0
50 – RAE- North Pole (Portex) Size — – 6.5
50 – RAE- North Pole (Portex) Size —- 6.0
50 Nasal Airways of different sizes
50 Anesthesia face masks of different sizes
300 Breathing filters bacterial / Viral
50 Anesthesia breathing circuit C reservoir Bag (Intersurgical _Code-2010)
500 Disposable Sterilized surgical gowns / Caps/ face masks ñ sets
25 Bone Plating sets E miniplats and screws
25 Portable suture apparatus
10 Nebulizer
50 Drain Radivac (Size 12/14 with Bottle)


100 Inj Propofol
100 Inj Scholine 100mg
100 Inj Atrelax 50 mg
100 Inj Decadron 04 mg
100 Inj Maxolon
50 Inj Ketamine Vial 10 ml
70 Inj Campex
100 Inj Paper Sticking (2î Role)
100 Inj Antiseptic/Sterilent
25. Inj Umonium Med Eqpt Ins Bot of 01 ltr
25. Inj Umonium Spray

500 Surgical Gloves Disposable Size- 8î
500 Surgical Gloves Disposable Size-7.5î
500 Surgical Gloves Disposable Size-7.0î

100 Sutures Vicryl 3/0, Round body pack of(12)
100 Sutures Prolene 4/1 Round bodypack of (12)
300 Pyodine Surgical Scrub bot
300 Pyodine Surgical Solution

Commandant Armed Forces Institute of Dentistry

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  1. Ramla A. (unregistered) on October 18th, 2005 @ 9:05 pm

    Do you also need paramedic help? Human resource? I know a couple of ppl who have been contacting again & again. In fact I feel it’s a better idea if a doctor co-ordinates that.
    Also have a supply of 700 blankets with those ppl, but I advised them to go separately and let the blankets be taken care of by relief camps. Plz advise on the medical scene. HelpPakistan DOT net @ gmail

  2. Ramla A. (unregistered) on October 18th, 2005 @ 10:03 pm

    Have contacted a company. Hope to get good prices, I know them. Also got a bunch of parameds (their qualifications need to be examined by a qualified doctor, just my gut feel) who’ve been contacting me for some time. Lemme give you a call….

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