Thermal Shelter

Lost sleep after Sehri, and God bless The News for updating their website with the new edition at 4 am or so. Anyhoo, just read the following thermal shelter idea by Oxfam, I hope it works in these weather conditions – can those who are sending tents or are volunteering or are planning to go up north pass this news item around? It might be a great backup plan till we get actual winterized tents.

Aid Agency Hopes ëThermal Shelterí Will Save Lives:


HELD SRINAGAR: Tested in cold storage and wind tunnels, successfully used in the Kosovo crisis, a cheap shelter quickly assembled from local materials offers hope for some of the more than 2 million homeless facing a bitter winter in wake of South Asiaís earthquake, aid workers say.

“It is not exactly central heating, but it will stop most of the cold,” says Aditi Kapoor of the aid group Oxfam, describing a “thermal shelter” ready for replication in quake-ravaged regions of disputed Kashmir. Measuring 12 by 12 feet (3.6 meters), the semi-spherical tent is made of thick plastic laid over a frame of standard water pipes and lined with ordinary blankets.

Mud is banked up around the shelter to prevent water from seeping inside and a simple drain pipe can be laid under it for sanitation. The shape offers less resistance to strong winds and allows snow to slide easily off the top, Kapoor said.

Inside, extra warmth can come from a “bukhari,” a simple, traditional stove, and a “kangri,” the small coal burner that Kashmiris slip under their robes in winter. Both emit smoke but no flames.

Click here to read the Oxfam press release regarding these thermal shelters.

Click here to donate to Oxfam.

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