Kids Need Help in Islambad

Bali Memorial Trust along with Pakistan Dental Association has set up a camp hospital in Sports Complex, Islamabad. The patients, mostly children are brought to this field hospital for Post Operative Care. These kids are homeless, and shocked. We are doing everything we can to provide medical attention and relief for these patients. Please open your hearts to support these kids by supporting this effort in anyway possible… Read the list

Kind of donation preferably required:

1. Cash.
2. Pillows.
3. Cooked food. (Lunch costs between 4000-5000 Rs, Dinner and Iftar costs 10,500/- Rs.)
4. Medicines (Valosef 500mg and 250mg injections. Dicloron injections).
5. Plaster of paris for casting broken limbs.
6. Surgical dressing material.
7. Pyodine.
8. Mouth wash.
9. Garbage bags.
10. Cartoon CD’s for kids.
11. Adult pampers (medium & large sizes)

Pakistan Thanks you for all your help

Dr. Haroon Shahid Qazi
Clinical Secretary,
Pakistan Dental Association (Federal Zone)

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