Karachi Coastal Areas. (Part # 8276453234)

Many people are fearful. Some donít care. There were number of rumors that Karachi is next, some famous (or perhaps not so famous) palmists jump up front and foretell that itís coming, the disaster is coming and I was the one to predict about the Kashmir quake and tsunami.

Dear Sir, Mr. Palmist, then why I never hear about your predictions before the disasters? Why on earth you admit you predicted when it actually happens? Something similar happened after tsunami, and I was watching this unkil palmist on TV, who then predicted his new predictions, which, if I remember right, included the end of the Ministry of Mr. Prime Minister before August, Shahrukh having heart problems etc. My dear Mr. Palmist, what happened to those predictions?

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Any educated sane man knows that Karachi is situated on/near 3 tectonic plates (which is the uniqueness in itself) and Indian plate is moving north/west 3 cm every year, and being compressed by Eurasian plate. Anyway, theoretically, yes, Karachi is a dangerous city, there are number of faults in the tectonic plates and any of the resulting earth quakes can affect Karachi. Luckily, in recent decadeís previous quakes Karachi was the least effected city and God know for how long, maybe forever, maybe not even tomorrow.

Anyway, now that people have seen the effects of the quake close to their homes, they are afraid. I have heard people saying they will leave the coastal area and buy home somewhere else, and some people are not bothered. Then there is a third kind I encountered. And that is much more interesting, these people are waiting for those who wants to leave and enjoy the rumors, because when this gets in effect, it will effect the property values and when it decreases, they want to buy the properties in Clifton/Defense areas which they can later in few years use for greater profits when the chaos is over. I wonder if the chaos is really that horrible to effect at such a magnitude, I doubt.

Yes, sorry. I was too bored.

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  1. mohummed (unregistered) on October 28th, 2005 @ 11:51 am

    These palmists should be killed in a shootout.

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