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Lights and magic.

I just got back from a 4 day vacation, and while its great to be away from work, I missed Karachi like anything. Which I didn’t realize until the plane started circling the Karachi airspace, all bright and lit up [oh my city of lights, i missed you], and the passenger next to me commented with a look of awe in his eyes: ‘your city’s gorgeous’. He also couldn’t get over the fact that it took 10 minutes for the plane to circle Karachi and reach the airport, a testament to how large the city is. I suppose you start appreciating your city anew when you see it from a visitor’s eyes :)

Hidden Gems?

We all know about the eating places that are in Zamzama and the major Clifton/Defence area. How about those located in other parts of Karachi? I am sure there are some gems out there that majority has missed out till now? For instance the number of places that have sprung along super highway is amazing. Although the food quality doesn’t match with the original “truck stand” resturants of the old.

Until recently I never knew about this fast food place named ├ČBovi Chic├« located near IBA main campus. Their chicken burger is amazing and relatively cheap when you compare it to some of the foreign chains like KFC, etc. The atmosphere is also pretty decent. Any others?

Food in the chill…..

Every weather has its own lil set of special dishes…

heres a slot dedicated to what to eat in winter….!!!

1. Peanuts!!!
2. The chicken “yakhni”, with boiled eggs! (the one available on the street side!)
3. Gajar ka Halwa
4. Anday ka Halwa!
5. (i dont know the name for this thing, but ill just give you guys the recipe)
ground pistachios and almonds in equal quantity, very lil ground walnuts, all mxed together with this ground tree extract called “gond” in urdu and …mixed with sugar and put in a large dish. pour in boiling hot desi ghee…and seal it tight. re-open after 3-4 hours, mix n eat a spoonful or 2 every morning… need to heat!

any more winter specialities?

Congo Hemorrhagic Fever

I just recently got a barrage of SMS’s saying that a few children passed away today after eating at Hot ‘n Spicy and Daltons and a couple have recently been admitted to AKU suffering the same disease. Rumor or not but the city is worried shit and hoping this virus does not become a widespread outbreak. I feel a careful study of the virus is important to bring everyone here abreast on the disease. So I took the liberty of doing a little bit of research on the Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever (CCHF) and decided to do a layman’s description of this disease for our Karachi based readership.

I would strongly prohibit people from spreading such news of an outbreak by a simple short 160-character SMS like the one I just received this type of rumor can create havoc as an uncontrolled rumor of an outbreak is more damaging then the outbreak itself. Be calm and proceed intelligently.

United Pakistan needs Help

Message from Fakhr-e-Alam:
Men, women and children buried alive. Some of them were alive under the rubble for 20 days or more. Most of them died while they waited for us to rescue them. Many of them will not even get a burial. The rubble of their own house is their grave and when the rubble is removed so would their last resting place.

Fact is; many died because we were late or simply because many of us did not even bother. But then there were and are, many who are still working in the field. I never knew what I started will become this big or go so far and I am grateful to all those who helped me to get United Pakistan this far.

But the job is far from done. Please keep in mind that the winter in these areas is a killer. The severe weather at night is not bearable even in my winterized tent. Since our tents are not fireproof, we can not have stoves in them. Deaths have occurred in many other tent villages because of the fire accidents. Harsh winter is approaching and many will die because of it.

Please HELP! Please rise as a human and as a nation. Keep in mind that it could have been us instead of them.


Winter arrived!!!

In Karachi no one can predict when season change, winter is likely to fall from late December to mid of February but Cool n Dry winds start blowing since last night.
Here in Karachi winter is always blissful. People rush to Tea & Coffee shops and yes Chinese Soup become Hot Cakes. In Offices latecomers increases.
Be careful, the Dry air can capture all your skin Moisture and it can hurt a lot! Don’t forget to get moisturized daily before you sleep. It will give you a whole daylong freshness. Vaseline (or any Petroleum Jelly), Nivea and products like these are generally good for it. Take care of your head else you will get some snowfall :)

Women, step ahead.

There used to be a time when men used to think they are in charge and women at most, used to help them with something. Time has changed my dear friends, time has changed. Two women in their 50’s robbed a house on gun point and their three accomplices men waited in the car only. I am not sure if I should shake my head and smile on the news or say ‘tauba tuaba’ like the old ladies :)

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Only in Karachi # 4


Only in Karachi you will see such a crazy passion for the love of the cricket. Three/four guys holding the wooden stair and Mr. ABC trying to fix a search light with his bare hand on live wires.

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Dental FAQ #2

TM-%232.gifThe age old saying “An apple a day keeps the dentist away” is still quite true, except for the fact that we have slowly moved away from coarse foods and have embraced the refined food age (read Junk food). Gone are the days on munching an apple straight and in come the days where we delicately chop the apple in to 4-5 little gentle squares for a more delicate-English-like serving of apple. The process of eating an apple allowed cleansing thoroughly around all teeth especially the area in between the teeth.

Why do I have to clean the area in between the teeth, doesn’t it clean with my brush?
Have you ever wondered a simple brush only reaches that the front and back surface of your tooth only hence actually touching only 70% of the tooth the remaining 30% is in between which the brush did not even touch. Here lies the fundamental problem of your frequent visits to the dentist, you might be brushing very well BUT your brush never touched the 30% and hence those humongous cavities

Want to stay away from us? Read on

Any other dental question or advice drop me an email

Lovely Flowers


Originally uploaded by smnabil.

The Beautiful Flowers from my cactus Collection. I like them…Tooooooo Much! Karachiite weather is best to produce such beauty.

Different kinds of cactus are available at nurseries near Karsaaz and NIPA.
There was a Cacti Shop in Awami Markaz (EOBI House) but I think it is no more there.

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