Immoral activities?!?!

Grr. Someone go to Canada right now and KILL this woman. I’ll fund you, don’t worry.

From Daily Times
Farhat Hashmi, the controversial Pakistani Islamic fundamentalist, says those who died in the October 8 Pakistan earthquake were punished by God for their ìimmoral activitiesî. In a weekend interview with a correspondent of the Toronto-based Globe and Mail newspaper, she said, ìThe people in the area where the earthquake hit were involved in immoral activities and God has said that he will punish those who do not follow his path.î

Hashmi was immediately criticised by Tarek Fatah, communications director of the Muslim Canadian Congress, who said, ìWhat sort of a sick mind would suggest that the over 20,000 Pakistani and Kashmiri children who were buried alive in their schools were ëinvolved in immoral activitiesí?î

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