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Happy New Year Karachi !

I wish the people of Karachi a very Happy New Year. May this 2006 be filled with all the happiness and joy the world has in store for you. Welcome to 2006 everyone

My Imaginations…

I am sitting in a Sofa with closed eyes….
It is the first morning of January 2008, sun is shining in the clear blue sky the wind is a bit cold sunlight seems like gold…
Many development projects are completed in Karachi ( like Lyari expressway Sohraab Goth Flyover/Underpass, cleaning and beautification of the entire city, new parks etc…)
I am driving over Lyari expressway… no traffic jam or hassle there…. I traveled through the city within 20 minutes… it took about two hours before the expressway…. all the roads are clean and even with adequately planted greenbelts lying parallel… markets are full of customers… many people are enjoying the Beautiful Parks and beaches… children are playing cheerfully… people are healthy, fresh and happy… everything is pleasant… I am Glad! Suddenly my eyes opened I see the calendar it is 1st January 2006…. I have to wait… wait for two long years… and I am waiting…
But why I am just waiting…? I have to take my part to make my imaginations come true.
All of us have some imaginations… for our self… for our city… for our country… let them True… Just take your part… Please!

Don’t forget those who are already forgotten….

New Year Celebrations can be seen all over Karachi….
I don’t want to type more….. but I am still feeling the pain…. the agony of the Biggest Natural Disaster Pakistan ever faced….the deadly earthquake…. thousands of people dyed… thousands injured and millions of people got unseen injuries….
Abhi tu is Sanihe ko ek semahi bhi nahi guzri….. Shayed hamari yaaddaasht buhat kamzor hogai hai…. or we are at the peak of ignorance….. ask this question to your self….
May Allah Bless us all….

The Sun sets to rise again


The last Sun of 2005 sets on the skies of Karachi

A haiku that may serve the occasion:
Blood of Afternoon
Sun melts on the Horizon
Its redness spilt over


Adventurous areas near Karachi…..

I was browsing the world through Google Earth and start exploring Karachi…. evaluating the heights from the sea level of many locations in Karachi and nearby.. Suddenly I found quite elevated mountains about 1500 feet above the see and eventually I discover 2000 feet and higher mountains just about 45 Km North from the heart of Karachi.
I conceived how nice it would be if proper infrastructure is developed in that area and people can safely visit and stay there for adventure and pleasure. I am sure we can see sparkling Karachi from a place not more than 50 km away with 2000 feet elevation… the site can also serve as an adventure climbing and the people who call us wimpish will see how adventurous we are.

Studying at Night…

It is about 3:00 AM and I just returned from my friend’s home after a semi-night-study… Saturday nights are full nights… the guys who are experienced of such nights know how fascinating, interesting and knowledge dispersing these nights are usually starts from… Study.……. Tea… Study.…… Music… Study……Jokes… study…..Yawn… Study…. drowse … study…. snort…. (and one or two smoking sessions somewhere between)…wakeup . pack the bags… Go for Halwa Poori…. tea/cigarette/gossip… Back home Sleeeeeeeeeeeps….
The nights are simply unforgettable for me and for those who are experienced.

Sitars and raags.

A group of students from Lyceum are organizing a semi classical concert [View image for further details]. All performers are either high school or university students All proceeds from the concert will go to The Citizen’s Foundation for the earthquake victims. Details are as below:

6th January 2006
Venue: House number 1-B, intersection
of South Circular Avenue and 1st Central Lane, Phase II, Defence Housing Authority, Karachi.
Time: 9:00 pm onwards
Ticket Price: Rs. 500
For information regarding tickets call 0300 8213973.

[Thanks Sidra for passing on the info!]

Patience? Forgiveness?

Itís a sad state really. Almost every time I have seen minor accidents (or almost accidents) people just never get out of their vehicles and say ìI am sorry. Yes, it was my fault.î Or if they canít get to a conclusion whose fault it was, they never say ìOkay fine, letís call up the cops and let them decide.î Rather, both parties come out yelling at each other and often end up beating each other.

Itís not the end yet, people on the streets come to help (not to help the injured) but help in beating. If you are an elderly the fault is of the young, if you are (or have female companion) fault is of the other, if you are poor, fault is yours ñ you got the idea.

Winter vacations

Although kids are enjoying the winter vacations, it’s turning out to be a pleasent experience for adults as well. I mean, no rush hour traffic, home to office in 15 minutes, what else would a man want!

Between giants…

Continuing in the vein of Johnybr’s post… here’s another one!

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