0200 AM. Abdullah Haroon Road. Returning home after a long day at work. Empty roads, closed shops, a random newspaper flying across the road, two policemen with smoke rising above their heads, another car going far ahead of me, the sound of a rickshaw far away. Windows open, cigarette lit, tape recorder playing Mehdi Hassan, Tie loosened and flapping in the wind, sleep overtaking me in fits and bouts. After two and a half years in Karachi I suddenly felt winter. At last. At long last.

Karachi lags in metropolitan perfection by only one aspect. Karachi does not have a long, dry, windy, foggy winter. When all is dull and gray and drab and light and crisp and clear. When one would desire to go for a walk on the empty wintry midnight streets. When one would desire to sit close the sea and listen to it as the city slumbers. When one would desire to wake up to a lone bird chirping away on a cold winter morning. If only …

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  1. suez (unregistered) on December 9th, 2005 @ 7:04 pm

    how true :-)somehow the description reminds of some classic urdu litrature from a 50’s karachi….

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