Have you ever realized what is the highlight of Christmas every year? It’s the gifts that are exchanged! All year long kids wait for Christmas anticipating the gifts that they would get from their parents, siblings, uncles, and all those who love them. But it’s not only kids. Everyone gets some something from someone.

There is this Hadith by Prophet Muhammad whose summary is that exchanging gifts increases the affection amongst people. It’s ironic that other religions are doing exactly that and we as Muslims have not realized its significance.

Now take a look at what we do in our religious events, the two Eids. We just give some eidi to the kids, and that’s it. Most of the time kids have no idea what to do with that money and they end up wasting it in useless stuff. I have always felt wrong about receiving eidi when I was a kid and now giving eidi to my younger siblings and nephews and nieces. I know it’s been our tradition forever but I think it would be better if we gave them gifts instead of money. We could give clothes, toys, books, gadgets, shoes, something to match everyone’s mood, something that can actually be useful for someone.

Just think about it for a while. We celebrate two Eids in an year. Imagine the love we can spread if we start the tradition of giving gifts as eidi instead of money. Imagine the thought we would put before buying something for each one in the family, wouldn’t you automatically feel closer to them? Just imagine the joy on the faces of the kids on the day of eid when they would get something they’ve always wanted. You cannot achieve that through money.

Just imagine, and think about it.

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  1. missnyc (unregistered) on December 26th, 2005 @ 10:05 pm

    I agree with you all the way!. Just imagine if we as kids had shiny wrapping paper to tear open on eid morning after prayers and the anticipation of what we are getting from our parents and loved ones would have been electrifying!. It also is a very good incentive to make kids be nice at least before these occasions. that is just as exciting for adults!

  2. Tahira (unregistered) on December 27th, 2005 @ 12:17 am

    But will it make Eid much more commercial and stressful then? Just like Christmas is here.(Not having lived in Pakistan for a very long time ,I have no idea how Eid is celebrated there now or if it is more of a commercial event now than it used to be.)

  3. Sonia (unregistered) on December 27th, 2005 @ 4:47 am

    The idea of gift exchange instead of money on Eid is awesome. But giving expensive gifts (at weddings atleast) is one way of showing off wealth in our culture.

    Speding eid at home and chritsmas in U.S, I can see that this might not work back home.Stores here have special sales so that atleast everyone gets something that they can afford. There are special thrift stores here as well from where people can buy things that are not really expensive but a thoughtful way of saying that you care.

    Will we start another mad materialistic race with the gift exchange thing in Pakistan where those who are poor already have to suffer because of price hike during Ramadan. They struggle to maintain their budget for buying bakra on baree Eid and getting new clothes for the family !!!!!

  4. Dee (unregistered) on December 27th, 2005 @ 8:52 am

    I do have to agree with last poster(sonia) that giving eidi does make more sense as kids or their parents can use eidi as they wish.Even in NorthAmerica people are giving more and more gift certificates than gifts.I also believe happiness shouldnot tie with how many gifts we recieve or give. We see in Canada(or States)people swiping credit cards like there is no tomorrow for christmas shopping.I would like to recieve a gift certificate than a gift(which usually is a decoration piece).But it doesnt have to be a monetary gift i will be glad to have home made cookies or some desi dish :).

  5. Adnan (unregistered) on December 27th, 2005 @ 11:45 am

    chiristians have a celebrity like Snata,i wonder who would become santa for our kids:P ? *joke*

    anyway,i agree with you,exchanging gifts is far better than giving away money,it could be harmful for them too,for example,spending money in buying unhygienic eatables.

    I woud also suggest to give gifts to poor kids around us,it would be a revoloutionary step

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