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Where in Karachi #44 B.C.

To guess this one, you will have to travel a little back in time. Hint: A modern link to this place is hidden somewhere on this page.

Pakistan In The Driving Seat

FaisSpec4.jpgAfter two boring dead-wicket draws, the 3rd and final test match between Pakistan and India in Karachi finally sees some action. The 3rd day ended with Pakistan leading India with a handsome 518 runs and Faisal Iqbal and Razzaq steering the team to more runs. My analysis of the test match at this present position is to ask the team to bat in the morning like mad trying to pile a total lead of 600 and declare before Lunch, the wicket seems to be dead for the Indian bowlers but maybe our bowlers can have some fun, so maybe a 600 lead is a good score to defend. What do you say?

I was able to track down a few crowd pictures of the Karachi test match at Undefined Destiny’s blog – do check them out.

Zoo Online

I never knew that the Karachi Zoo had put the animal galore online. Got some itsy-bitsy animal info too.

There’s even a sub-site for kids, with a few stories to enjoy, and event info.

Not bad! *3 roars for the Karachi Zoo!*

The only e-questions are: When did they last update it? How often do they update it anyway? AND DOES ANYONE OVER IN THE ZOO BLOG!?


The historical Karachi Zoo was established in 1878 and was known as Gandhi Garden for a long time. When Pakistan came in to being its name was changed as Karachi Zoological Garden.

BillBoards on Shaheed-e-Millat Extension

Heres more Karachi news for those that just dont want to speak or hear anymore about THE CONCERT.

Billboards lined enroute to Defence via the Shaheed e Millat extension road were seen knocked down today.

A couple were seen on the ground previously too, but that gave a general impression of maintenance/skin change in progress. But today, almost all of them lay on the ground, cut by an arc-welder from their main poles.

One was seen standing, which was apparently not planted on the slope, but firmly bolted by the side of the road on even ground.

The road looked nice…

Concert Pictures?

A number of our readers have requested to post pictures of the concert, so I now am on a mission to compile a pictorial of the event I had a few shots which were the only ones I thought were clear enough to share, I feel that we all can pitch in to share the excitement with all those readers who could not attend.

So if you happen to have an interesting picture or video you would like to share please send them to ***** ASAP Your contribution will be acknowledged in the post

Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi.

While approximately 15000 Karachiites (and some eager Lahoris and Islooites also) rocked to the Bryan Adams concert at the Arabian Sea, a different kind of people banded together at the Forum parking lot for a great exhibition of vintage cars which exist in our city today. A day long presentation of the cars, immaculately kept, shining brightly in their showcased beauty, was put up by The Vintage and Classic Car Club of Pakistan. The entrance was free, stalls aplenty and coupled with the nippy Karachi evenings, it was an ideal spot for friends to be haning out and families to be walking around.

This Sunday in Karachi was a good one it seems, where several different things happening in different parts of the city meant that everyone had something to do, whether it was to rock at a concert, to walk at seaview looking at the fountain, take a trip down memory lane in the cars or simply enjoy some time at home.

Bryan Adams Rocks Karachi the anticipation and excitement was well worth the wait, as tonight Karachi truly rocked in unison at the Bryan Adams Concert. The high ticket price still drew in a massive crowd and estimates of 10,000 were quite realistic, it seems the steep price, the 40km distance to the venue, and iron-clad security were probably the main deterring factors keeping the nuisance crowd away. The organisers went to extreme measures to make sure the event proceeds smoothly and full credit goes out to each and every volunteer in the effort.

The security was iron-clad tight with vehicle inspection being conducted by the armed force a well 2 km from the venue with organised queues, we then parked our cars in the dustiest, but ample, parking space and were escorted into organized screening areas which was being operated very efficiently. the first ever international mega-scale concert in Pakistan it was truly worth remembering and will be the buzz word around town for a good few weeks. We would remember the well behaved crowds, the truly amazing singing, the hundreds of cell phones, capturing the concert live and not to forget the massive dose of dust accumulated on top of every vehicle parked in the parking lot. For tonight any car driving on the streets of Karachi coated with a massive layer of dust, basically is a testament to HAVE BEEN THERE, a trademark for having attended the Concert. Karachi you have again made us proud.

For those who attended the concert do narrate your views in the comment section below so that we all can share our experiences.

Metroblogging Across Borders

pak-india-friendship.jpgThe two neighbouring countries India and Pakistan may be at daggers drawn fighting each other for every inch of space and every political move is followed by a check-mate in retaliation. The governments also have an organized propaganda against the other side pumping the people with pure hatred, hence to create an environment of mistrust.

The people on the other hand are pleasantly the same ‘ol loving human being inhabiting both sides of the border, how true it was when I met a fellow blogger from Mumbai, Amit Varma of India Uncut who was in Karachi to cover the test match between Pakistan and India scheduled to start on Sunday. He has been touring with the team for a good 20 days and is planning to remain in Pakistan for another 10 odd days until the third one-day match. We happend to be co-bloggers on the Metroblogging network, Amit belonging to Mumbai Metroblog and myself taking an active part in Karachi Metroblog

You can say that one thing led to the other and somehow we mutually decided on a dinner when he would arrive in Karachi. When meeting a complete stranger for the first time its normal to have butterflies wander in suspense but from the very first handshake he came across as an extremely friendly person and an accomplished journalist / blogger to be my friendly ambassador representing India, his company was more than enjoyable and the dinner was very entertaining, not a moment went by where there was even a dull moment to the evening.

I was delighted, infact honored to have met such a fine gentlemen from across the border and feel a more pleasant interaction between the two nations should take place to further soften the hearts amongst the people and maybe even a peaceful co-existence between the two nations. Thank you Amit for a lovely evening it was heartening to have created a good friend across the border – Cheers.

I would like to propose an initiative amongst all the internet geniuses / bloggers representing both nations who happen to read this post to somehow join hands on a mutual platform on the web and work together for creating such Friendships Across Borders.

A peculiar tourist spot

An ecstatic camel rider is just the publicity Karachi would need for its world-peculiar tourist offerings. Limited offerings, but peculiar offerings.

There are more people who want to visit Karachi, found on 43 Places – a collection of tourist wish-lists.

Map to the Arabian Sea Country Club those proceeding to attend Bryan Adams Concert on Sunday at the Arabian Sea Country Club it is a good 40km drive and nearly an hour away so I would recommend to plan accordingly.

The official buzz is that the concert is slated to commence at 7:30pm sharp with a few speeches, and an initial start by Shehzad Roy and then a two hour show by Bryan Adams. 7:30 somehow seems un-Karachi-like and rumors are that it would naturally be delayed.

Lets find out from those concert-goers as to what time do they plan to reach the venue. As we all know it is being organized in typical WoodStock style and the earlier you get in the better the seats but if it results in spending a few good hours in the sun, that just might not be too fun after all. I again thank Arsalan Haleem for providing the link to the Map to the Arabian Sea Country Club, for those who have not been there have a look at the map it is quite easy to follow

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