Is My Bull Better then Yours !!!!

Eid ul Azha is basically meant to be a solemn event marked by offer a modest sacrifice in the name of Allah. As like in the past Karachi is again a buzz with Mr. Gayein (Bull) 2006 competition . Specially lighted and fully decorated camps are set up all over the city to show off the biggest and priciest Bull that is on offer for sacrifice by the owner during this Eid.

Camps outside a number of rich kingpins like that of Aqeel Dedhi are now a regular yearly entertainment feature for the throngs of people from all over Karachi. The crowd watches the display in absolute awe as if the beast had them mesmerized into a state of hypnosis. The bull seems to command so much power at the moment that even his act of eating hay or taking the casual royal stroll is a must see event. Someone usually makes sure that you ‘accidentally’ find out the price paid for the beast and more-often-then-not your jaw drops even further

I honestly hope that the flaunting and flashing of the bull would be a stairway to heaven, as in my knowledge this type of attiude leads nowhere but down. What stupidity but anyways Cast your votes as to the must see Bull in Karachi

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  1. TEE BEE (unregistered) on January 9th, 2006 @ 12:05 pm

    I have heard that the price of the BULL paid by AKD is Rs. 3.2 Million. Pathetic I wud say…I dont really get this whole thing, people like AKD in our society what are they trying to express that they have money?? Ok we admit he is one of the richest people in Pakistan so what now??? I mean is it necessary for every goddamn rich person to show off to the highest level. And specially relating to these religious festivities like Eid, people have made it a mere source of complete joy and entertainment to come up with such acts/competition etc. Are we ever going to take things simple and right way or do we always have to do absurd things to satisfy our own desires????

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