Attention, City government: Remove deadly boulders from Lasbela bridge

Can the huge, undistinguishable boulders be removed from the Lasbela bridge please? They were placed there around 3 days ago to mark the upcoming construction of a flyover. I noticed them the same way most drivers did: they jumped out of nowhere in the dark, and we had to skid slow just in time. Thank God for the trickle of traffic, or we were sure to bump in to cars from the back.

But we were the lucky ones. Not so lucky were many motorcyclists and car drivers that drove straight into the giant rocks which are marked only by a bare 1inch thin reflective tape.

It would be useless to point out what a grossly insensitive and thoughtless thing it was to place barely marked boulders out in the middle of a busy bridge. Many people have had accidents, and last night there were hastly marked and equally obnoxious “speed breakers” (read: car bumper breakes) to slow down the traffic. But it’s not working. People are still crashing into the boulders.

PLEASE REMOVE THE BOULDERS, and think of a human-friendly marking for the arches of the new flyover.

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