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Karachi thru..

Karachi Dolphins Lahore Lions

Pool B semi finalists have been decided and one of them is the Karachi Dolphins. The other semi finalist is the strong Lahore Lions. Pool A teams have two more days of cricket left before the semi finalists can be decided. The probable semi finalist from that pool are going to be the favorites Sialkot Stallions and defending champions Faisalabad Wolves. Unless some major upsets happen, we are heading towards an exciting finish to the tournament. Let’s hope that Karachi team wins the final instead of being the runners up again.

Pepsi vs Coke

Yes, it’s the same old Pepsi vs Coke debate again, just because I feel like it. So, which one do you prefer? Coke or Pepsi? And why? Is it the taste, the CO2, or something else? And this post is for hardcore soda drinkers only. All you fanta and pakola fans are advised to stay away.

Let the war begin!

Sampurna presents Mekaal Hasan Band

Mekaal Hasan Band at the Defence Club, Karachi on Saturday the 18th of March, 2006.
Cards available at Agha’s Super Market and Alliance Francaise.

Brought to you via Sampurna.

Rocking the house

While on TV the stadium presents a deserted look, but once you get there, as you get out of the car, you can hear the crowd roaring and you know something is up. As you get to the stands, you can see that the cameramen aren’t doing justice to the crowd. Approximately 4000-5000 in number the crowd was in festive mood, cheering every ball bowled, booing the dot balls, armed with the plastic bottles and horns, thumping away like it was a Pakistan vs. India ODI instead of the Hyd and Abt teams playing Twenty20. This was all during a weeknight and the tournament still in the first round. After watching such enthusiasm I am sure that once the semi finals and finals roll in, we can expect a near sell out at NSK.

Getting their acts together

After getting used to the government assigned contractors digging up the roads without any warning or providing any alternative routes for the traffic, it was a nice surprise to see the contractors of Gharibabad underpass first moving the utility lines from the center of the road to the side roads, then completely reconstructing the side road complete with steel needed to support the weight and then providing proper access to it. All this before digging up the main road in order to minimize the hardship of those who have to take this route on the daily basis. I guess the spirit of development is catching on all the way from the top to bottom.

Where in Karachi: #48
99.9% sure you all will guess it.

The strange question

Can anyone tell me why the Bandar Road between Numaish Chowrangi and Gurumandar was strewn with an unacceptably huge mass of video tapes pulled out of video cassettes? It was as if someone has taken thousands of cassettes; pulled the tape out; and thrown them at Numaish Chowrangi. I mean, there were tape balls rolling down the road like dried bushes roll down the streets of small cardboard towns in cheap western movies.

Reminded me of the time I had a fight with my sister and I ended up destroying her Little Mermaid video cassette.

The ultimate question

I do beg your pardon and offer my apologies for going out and asking the ultimate questions. I do realize that one is not supposed to do this, but I must.

Is it me or does Karachi seem cleaner, greener and with better roads all of a sudden?

Dawn e-paper

Dawn has launched a proper e-paper which will now complement its printed version. Check it out at I loved this new version and strongly feel it will cater into our fast paced lifestyle where it sometimes becomes a problem to read the printed version. For those addicted to the printed version it will surely be a blessing to be able to quickly track the relevant news with a simple click. Good Job Dawn, as per my knowledge this innovation could be a first for Pakistan.

Prior to reading the digital paper you need to register for free, the only problem that I came across was the inability of FireFox support and had to resort to using my dormant IE icon (Internet Explorer may finally come into more use after lying dormant for so long). Download speeds could be a hindrance for the local dial-ups but expatriates will enjoy the feel of this e-paper to more resemble the printed version.

Feeling Empty..

After the first day of the second ABN Amro Twenty20 cup, anyone who watched the matches can vouch that this is going to be an exciting tournament. The pendulum was swinging till the last ball was bowled. Anyone who left the stadium or switched the channel during the penultimate over of Karachi vs Lahore match thinking that Karachi has already won the match would have been shocked to read about Lahore’s victory in the papers.

The excitement of the Twenty20 cricket, the national stars, colorful kits, floodlights, everything was there. The only thing missing were the spectators. After seeing full houses at Lahore last year the almost empty National Stadium in Karachi provided a stark contrast. I hope things pick up in the coming days, otherwise PCB would be wise to keep Lahore as the venue for the tournament and Karachittes will only have to blame themselves for it.

P.S. Very disappointed at the way Karachi Dolphins lost the game. They should have won it and that is what they thought as well, unfortunately there were two overs left and Lahore took advantage of this and fought their way back.

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