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Wikipedia Blocked in Pakistan for seven hours

In a very surprising development the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority which controls the Pakistan Internet Exchange had blocked access to the entire domain at around 1:00pm. Immediately the AGABBIP group and the Don’t Block the Blog team were set into motion. The ban was not localized to any single ISP but was throughout Pakistan, after seven hours of pursuance by the activists the ban was suddenly lifted. We just barely missed a Censorship of Knowledge in seven quick hours.

smile in my mind

DSC09064.JPG karachi is full of spellings that can make you laugh out loud in the worst traffic jam

Where in Karachi # 52 ??

The last one I gave was way too easy, now guess this one if you can!

Salaam Karrrrrachiiiiii!!!

Gola Danda Anyone?

Gola-Ganda.jpgIts been ages since I had one of these finest delicacies of Karachi found at Dhoraji roundabout. Late night we some how stumbled around the Dhoraji area which was again glittering with some god-knows-what celebration around the entire area, a celebration which the other parts of Karachi remain completely ignorant to.

With the couple of Gola stalls I somehow landed at purchasing the special version from Saleem Qadir Gola. Amid the shouts around me preaching me about the Influenza virus and Bird Flu making its rounds in Karachi, I as a faithful Karachiite choose to brave all hell and choose one of the finest available to devour.

A good five minutes later I was handed a huge cup filled with crushed ice garnished with the colors of the rooh afza rainbow. I probably don’t have to tell you how it tasted but this I can surely attest that I returned with a frozen mouth and am sure body sugar levels must have crossed a thousand with all the garnishing that were added onto the Popsicle.

For our friends not living in Karachi ‘wish you could enjoy this’ *snicker* – but for those residing in this beautiful city of ours, do visit and enjoy this delicacy slowly fading away from our streets.

Fresh air.

A thought that struck me yesterday, after being stuck in traffic for 40 minutes: When was the last time you inhaled fresh, clean air in this city?

What’s up?
What’s up with all the balloons, colored flags, security, traffic barriers, road blocks? Is it just the Expo or the forefathers of the country are back in town?

they are not beggars

The moment your car halts at a traffic signal in this city, you are swarmed by beggars, eunuchs, flower-sellers, etc. So it was surprising to see these two cute toddlers dressed up like grooms, comfotably seated on chairs, at the Rashid Minhas Road-Shara-e-faisal intersection.
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Extreme Pakistani Radio Ad

This is one radio ad that i heard today, and was left dumbfounded.

Guy: Lets go steady
Girl: Err…..Im not so sure
Guy: Come on hunz, ill do anything for you.
Girl: Ok, only if you tell me whats the song playing on 96 fm right now
Guy: Mar gaya……

Background Voice: Type NP and send an sms to 143 to find out whats playing on the radio.
With RadioActive 96 FM, you always get your gal and your song.

Girl: since we dont ask for the moon these days

Going Steady? In Pakistan?
I know a lot happens here, and its generally undercover…but this ad was like WHOA!!!

Total Solar Eclipse Tomorrow

Without a question of doubt, a total eclipse of the sun is one of the most spectacular natural sights that one can witness.

You’d be able to see the eclipse partially in Karachi and Lahore. (Asia Local Circumstances)

Karachi: Eclipse will begin at 10:54, reaching its peak at 11:38, and ending at 12:20.
Lahore: Eclipse will begin at 10:55, reaching its peak at 11:48, and ending at 12:37.

For further details, visit the NASA site. You can find the detailed pictorial path of the eclipse in the following pics:


Green buses gone missing!

Its been quite a few days since i havent seen the large green swedish buses.

I checked up with a few contacts, only to find that the company is closing down.

There were stories about a large number of buses that were supposed to join the fleet but never made it on the streets thanks to conspiracies by the transport mafia.

Its sad. How long will the nation suffer at the hands of blood suckers?

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