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karachi_city_circle_tram.jpgA very interesting story contributed by an Orkuteer Ahmed Bhaila (blogspot link going through Pkblogs.com Proxy) who found these W-11 minibuses being used as a tram during the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne. The message was posted on our Karachi Metroblog Orkut Group

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City Circle tram transformed. Keep an eye out for a fantastically decorated tram operating on the City Circle loop during the Commonwealth Games. A team of W-11 vehicle decorators from Karachi, Pakistan, took up residency in Melbourne recently to transform a tram. A fleet of particularly vibrant mini-buses operate along the Karachi route called W-11, characterised by stainless-steel panels, brightly coloured plastic collages, flashing light patterns, music beats and exuberant conductors. The decorated tram will operate on every day of the Games.

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  1. Umar Hafiz (unregistered) on March 27th, 2006 @ 5:57 am

    Ah, i wouldve thought id introduce this topic soon enough, but i see the Teeth Maestro has everything covered….you certainly dont waste time do u A bhai…;)
    Alright…heres the scoop on whats been happening in melbourne itself in the past two weeks. An RMIT student by the name of Mick, recently took up the task of exploring the ethnic diversity that exists in greater Melbourne, sensibly coordinating it with the launch of CommonWealth 2006 festivities.
    Mick doing his research got in touch with an Karachi-ite with majors in Arts&Filmmaking,a soft spoken but immensly talented individul by the name of Wajid, and discussed the possibility of bringing in ‘truck art’ in some form to melbourne. This idea then snowballed from there on and was finally drafted. The idea now was to convert one of the average public transport trams into one of the worlds most unique,culturally enriched arts display from Our very own Karachi.
    In a time span of just 3 months, mick, Wajid and their team of decoraters revamped what seemed to be just another ‘dull’ mean of public transport, into one of the most exciting displays of ethnic diversity in Melbourne.
    With its shining exterior, and its ‘ Happiest Tram in Melbourne’ Vibe within, this tram has been celebrated throughout the melbourne CBD and beyond. The ‘terms and conditions’ of entry as one Lord Mayor John Cho of melbourne put it…is that ” You Have to Dance!”
    this display for us karachi-ites in melbourne has been without a doubt a thing of pride, and has certainly brought back memories of ‘the good old days’ for those settled with families here.
    As for myself, the 50 minute tram ride was a source of entertainment, excitement and ofcourse, immense pride.
    I did take a few pictures of the tram and will be posting them shortly…

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