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Car impounders

If only they would disengage the parking brake. The way they drag the car plays havoc with its tyres.

You know it’s summer in Karachi when…

After suffering from power loss all night long, you are driving to work and your car AC refuses to function due to extreme heat.

How to avoid cellphone snatching

As everyone knows, Karachi is the city of cellphone snatchers. I am confident that there is no other city in the world where so many cellphones are snatched at gunpoint everyday, and so many people are killed for resisting to give up what is now considered a necessity and not a luxury.

Being a gadget freak and specially a mobile phone freak is very frustrating if you live in Karachi. However, I have worked out a system where I have not had even one cellphone stolen from me, although I have been carrying VERY expensive cellphones all around Karachi for quite a few years. This may be luck, but I like to believe that this is also common sense from my side. Read on to find out the tips to prevent cellphone snatching and stealing.

Getting rid of KESC woes…

As Karachi Metblog readers may know, the summer is here and we are all facing relentless loadshedding from the KESC. In our flat, we typically have an outage of 1 hour in the morning and an outage of 1 hour ni the evening. Besides this, there are sometimes outages of 15 minutes to 2 hours whenever they feel like it. An outage at 3am in the morning of course means another sleepy day at the office. Even then, I am luckier than the people who are facing 5-6 hours of loadshedding every day.

So in the end I took matters in my own hand and went out to buy a UPS + inverter. Some of you may not know what this device does so I’ll give a brief explanation. What you have is a single box which acts as a UPS (an Uninterruptible Power Supply, which switches your power from the mains to the battery when the mains goes out) and an inverter (which converts DC from a battery source into AC which can be used to power the home). This device cost me 6,000rs for a 1.5KVA unit. I also bought a 140A, 12V battery which cost me 4,000rs. For a grand total of 10,000rs, I no longer have to worry about the shenanigans of KESC. During loadshedding, selected lights and fans in the house switch over to power from the UPS and I can continue doing my work happily.

In my opinion, this is a must buy for all Karachiites. There are cheaper versions available. You can buy a UPS which has less power, or is of some other cheaper company for around 3,000rs also. Mileage may vary, but it’s better than sitting in the dark.

Moral: It is better to buy a UPS, than to curse the darkness ;)

Pakistan’s Image , PM Shaukat Aziz Vs Reality

Daily DAWN, 23/04/2006:
” Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz on Saturday stressed the need of bridging the gap of misunderstanding about Pakistan’s image in the world and expressed the hope that PTV’s new initiative of beaming local programmes in USA will help achieving this goal ”

I wonder if there is any misunderstanding at all or not. If there is any, to what extent it is. When we see cases like Aruna, cases like the three kids put in thana, When we burn our own property on anger against WEST & when we don’t waste an opportunity to show that we have come from a jungle or some thing, why the heck the WEST bother to have an “understanding” of our nonsense. Can we really create an understanding on nonsense?

Can we try to justify such acts & try to convince them that such acts are acceptable according to such and such logic of law

The truth is: there is little or no misunderstanding. It’s plain and simple. We are a corrupt nation with corruption in our blood and veins. We have mentalities (in general) that use to exist centuries ago. We do have customs that are inhuman. The only thing we can be proud of is our holy teachings and true faith which we never bother to take guidance from & have created our own self styled religious norms, thanks to our retarded “mullah’s”.

Having said that, it does not mean we are 100% impure. Yes there are people with sense, respect and name that no one in the world has. But the above was about majority. Yes we have intelligent people, the top doctors in world with some big names in the field of surgery from our land & there is no match to our sportsman. And yes many of our problems are due to the “meherbani’s of WEST” but then again we allowed ourselves to be played with & they dealt us with expertise for their own benefit by making us puppets. But why should the West call the black a white one when it’s black.

The need is to do some repairing at home then to ask visitors to change their perspective of seeing us. Yes there are those who are enemies and they try hard to disrepute us but they are thankful to us that we provide them every opportunity to do that.

Shaukat Aziz, wake up. You can fool the Paki nation not the world.

Caf√© Piyala Demolished…

Illegal buildings have been removing from all over the city for about a couple of months for this reason Ramla called City Nazim Syed Mustafa Kamal a “Demolishing Man” in her Blog.
Being illegal it is the turn of Caf√© Piyala to get flattened….
Caf√© Piyala is one of the oldest traditional type “Charpai” restaurants in North Nazimabad, I don’t know how old it was but its age is above 20 years at least.
Caf√© Piyala was famous for the strong “Tea” served in traditional “Piyala” (bowl) round the clock and 7 days a week. There are many people who have memories and different affiliations with Caf√© Piyala… if you are one of them lets share your memories/views with all of us.

Wikipedia blocked? Again?

I have been trying to access Wikipedia since yesterday but keep getting a Connection Timeout. Has the PTA (stupidly) blocked it again?

Traffic Plan for cricket match on April 23, 2006

The Traffic police dept in karachi announced traffic plans in view of the Pakistan-India Cricket match scheduled for tomorrow at the National Stadium.

Motorcycles: China Ground
Cars: National Coaching Centre (Sir Shah Suleman Road)

Though it is planned that traffic will flow as usual on University Road, Shah Suleman Road and Stadium Road, motororists are advised to expect traffic jams and ideally shoudl look for alternate routes in order to avoid inconvenience.

– Report by PPI

Worlds largest wirelss hotspot…Karachi!

Yes ladies and gentlemen…this is true. Wateen Telecom, A Warid Group Company is creating the largest wireless hotspot in the world, Karachi. During the launch, they claim to be launching in over 50 cities. They have partnered up with Motorola to bring in WiMax in order to build the network over the 802.16E protocol.

Imagine, anywhere in these 50 or so cities, you get broadband as easiily as you can get radio!

Wateen has also set its own 5000km optic fibre network. Other firms that have also set up their own project are Worldcall and Multinet (under the Project Ittehad banner).

The PTCL OFAN project was to start quite a while ago, but was held off due to privatisation concerns. The digging started over night once the PC inked the (revised) deal with Etisalat and work started moving at an unbelieveable pace. News about PTCL setting up IPTV is also correct. To my knowledge, the feasability study has been completed. You never know, very soon, KESC might also be offering internet over the power lines (that is very much possible, infact, the structure is being used in a city in Germany).

So here we have it. FTTH (Fibre To The Home) and WiMax…….which one do you want?

Broadband dream might come true

PTCL is silently doing something very big, which is bound to have very profound effects on the lives of Karachittes. An extensive Optical Fiber Access Network (OFAN) is being laid out by PTCL (contract has been given to Hauwei, a chinese telecom giant). The network reaches almost every big road and neighbourhood within the Karachi metro area. For the first time, pre-casted manholes were used which were lowered by cranes for cable joints. Outdoor transmission equipment has been placed on the roadsides which has later been covered by metallic finned enclosures (to keep them cool). Once this network is lit up (i.e. brought to operations), copper network from these nodes to individual homes (who can afford) and corp customers will be realized. The access network is bound to stir up the local connectivity scenario in a big way. Even if the prices remain high for the average end users, Desi Cable Net (DCN!) will have their dream come true by having big pipes available to them. They already have a business model working for them and they are getting ever hungry for bandwidth. The new OFAN network is bound to make them happy. The average DCN user in turn would also be benefitted because of this. BTW, these rings are reportedly laid out in a self-healing configuration which means that single cable cuts in the optical fiber will not render the network dead.

Credit: Tee Emm

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