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Various places in Karachi are being decorated differently, with some being really weird as Inspirex noted earlier. This new(?) arch marks the end (or begining, depends on how you look at it) of the Kalapul bridge here.


At first, i thought it may have been part of some religious (or other) festival which the residents of the area celebrate with much fervour, however.. that was not to be as after almost months, this arch still stands tall proclaiming… something.

On another note, although i’ve referred this particular Kalapul bridge, i dont think that would be the correct name, as Kalapul itself means Black Bridge (i think?). Initially added to denote a bridge, the word ‘pul’ has now become part of the name itself. Should then ‘bridge’ be added to Kalapul when using it in english? and if so, when reffering to it in urdu, would you now say kalapul pul?


Sometime back as I was browsing through my tiny library for a book, A book caught my attention and I instantly thought that I must recommend it to the readers of KMB.

“Kartography” and “salt and saffron” both the novels by Kamila Shamsie, are a wonderful work of literature, the novels celebrate not only love but also the beauty, unforgettable moments and elements of Karachi, the feelings, the smell, the love one can only find in Karachi, and the way when ever we are away from this city and a certain aroma or color brings us back to Karachi, the way we miss it’s people and the way we love it’s beaches and roads and everything we miss or love about Karachi, and how it always makes us love Karachi more then before.

Both the novels are a “must to read” for everyone who loves Karachi with all his heart and soul. These novels are published By Oxford University press here in Karachi and are available at all OUP bookshops throughout Pakistan and all over the world.

Souped up car Vs Higher end model

Umer Zaman asked a very good question on this thread recently, and i think it would be a wonderful topic to discuss further. In his words

i have noticed ppl spend alot of money on such things as bumpers, mufflers, turbo kits, deck, tyres/rims… on the other hand they can add the same amount to the price of car and get a better category

Would you like to drive a vitz all sooped up or u’de rather prefer a corolla/civic or watever car in that range ??

Car-achi #7


Its amazing what you can do with a car and a lot of money! These custom bumpers on the Vitz really give it a unique look!

This series was orignally started by Kirna.

Karachi Wishlist 12

1) Sunday Bazaar throughout the week (it’s terrible having to wait all week long for it!)
2) 24 hour stores! (yes, I needed credit last night and nowhere was open! it’s sad, really)
3) Streetlights. (it’s so difficult driving at night :/)

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For the Muslim populace:

Why do we say, “Hello?” When we pick up our phone/cellphone? Isn’t Assalam-o-alaikum a better greeting than ‘hello’? This board at Tariq road’s chowrangi reminded me this fact again.

Karachi burns…

In today’s papers, there are reports of several violent protests in Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Gulistan-e-Jauhar, Liaquatabad, Rizvia, Lasbela, Pak Colony, North Karachi, Pailwan Goth, Safora Goth, Gulbahar, Azizabad, Ancholi, Moosa Colony, Landhi, Korangi, Mangopir and Orangi Town.

Daily Times reports:
“In Gulshan-e-Iqbal blocks 13-A, 13-B and 13-C, electricity supply remained suspended for 10 hours from late Tuesday night making life miserable for a large segment of the population there.

Electricity supply also remained suspended for about 10 hours near the Ojha Institute of Chest Diseases on University Road. The area is surrounded with residential high rises, in which thousands of people live. A resident of the area said that the entire block was without electricity for the better part of Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

A similar situation was reported from Pak Colony on Wednesday afternoon where people experienced a power cut of 12 hours. Residents came protesting out on the streets and blocked the main road pelting stones on passing-by vehicles and lighting bonfires. The area’s law and order remained disturbed for more than two hours. Area police reached the spot and brought the situation under control dispersing the protesting mob.”

The recent power crisis has been affecting the normalcy of many lives in every area of the city. It seems, however, that several areas up north are worst affected.

Read the full story here.

A bit of culture in a piece of history

Today, i went with my friends to visit Mohatta Palace museum. I had heard a lot of good things about it in the past, and once there, i was totally bowled over. It is an AMAZING place to be. When you enter, you are greeted with sculptures, pottery and tile designs from ancient indus valey civilization. There is NOTHING like seeing it with your own two eyes. All the pictures i’ve seen to date do not do justice to them! It is truly something to behold. I actually felt as if i was a tourist in some foriegn land.

Two exhibits are currently in progress there.. one on a Tile Collection from the early civilizations, and the other about the early years of Karachi. My experience of today follows as well as some interesting information about the palace itself.

Next time, me and my friend group are thinking of visiting either the Quaid-e-Azam Museum here or the National Museum, which we’ve heard good things about. See nabeel, we *do* have other things to do in Karachi other than eat or shop.

USA – 1, Karachi – 0

Oh, reading the following news item is NOT how I wanted to start my morning. But it is a good reminder of the apathy that has afflicted us citizens of this city:

From The News:

The Americans win again: USA-1, Karachi-0
By Farooq Baloch


KARACHI: Once again, the Americans have succeeded in having their way as the controversial private road through a public park has been completed. In what can best be described as bizarre circumstances, a private contractor worked with extra speed to complete this passage-way through the Bagh-e-Jinnah to facilitate a couple of American diplomats for their daily movement from home to work and back.

What is more shameful has been the silence on the part of the city in objecting to this move. The provincial and city government had both expressed “ignorance” over the issue. The same has been the response of NGOs working supposedly for protecting the city. Even leading city commentators, politicians and religious parties have decided to stay aloof and not comment on this development.

It may be recalled here that the construction of this private road was started earlier this month in a very suspicious manner. First, a road track was planned through one side of Bagh-e-Jinnah. For this purpose, some tree branches were cut down. Following this unannounced clearance, the convoy of American consulate staff cars then started using the pathway. This continued for some time and was first reported in this newspaper.

Read the entire news item here

Solar energy, anyone?

Why haven’t we migrated to solar energy yet? There’s plenty of sunshine in Karachi all year long. How much does a solar battery cost? Even if it costs higher than a normal generator, I am sure it would be a one time cost as there would be no recurring cost of fuel. Or is the technology not mature enough for commercial use? I came up with the concept of running entire house with solar energy few years ago, but honestly never worked on its feasibility. Anyone with some knowledge in this field?

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