Great Food, Excellent Service.

This summer seems to have been filled with eating out dinners and in-house dawats for some reason. And I seem to be getting the best and worst of eating out. As bad as my experience with KFC was…last night’s dinner experience couldn’t have been better.

Yummiest food I’ve had in a long long time, excluding my mum’s cooking ofcourse, best service so far this year not to mention the fastest, chilled drinks [=D], hot, steaming food and an attentive attendant.

The place I’m talking about is called Zeenan. It’s opposite Kaybees [Even they offer a half way decent jalfraizi if you’re ever in the mood] Zeenan is modest to say the most. It looks more like a well-to-do dhabba but has a family hall which is devoid of extravagant interior. Actually it’s devoid of any interior except tables and chairs. So if you’re looking for a place that has “the atmosphere” this place won’t even be in the competition map. But it is clean and air conditioned. It also has no music. You’re free to form your own atmosphere. Since their family hall is hardly ever crowded it’s not a big problem

It also offers the best Chicken Jalfraizi I’ve eaten in this city. An extremely yummy Brain Masala. Now I have issues eating brain masala…anywhere, I mean come on it’s somebody’s dimaagh/bheja I’m putting in my mouth. But it looked and smelled delicious enough for me to taste it. And I’m glad I did! And no I haven’t become a Brain Masala fan all of a sudden, It was still somebody’s brain I ate. Their boneless Chicken Karhai is excellent and their Boti Kababs are perfect. Not over cooked and not raw from places either. Let’s not forget their parathas…they’re great too.

Best thing I like about this place is that you can ask what’s good on the menu and they’d give you an honest reply. They won’t say a certain dish is bad…but they will have their recommendations if you can’t decide.
We’ve been going here on and off for years now. And never once have we had a serious complaint.

*knocks wood*

The stairs leading up to the hall are dirty…best if you don’t touch the railing but the hall is clean and has simple tables and chairs. Oh and the big glass windows are clean too.

It’s a place where you can go with your family or you can go with your friends. Although I wouldn’t advise an all female entourage to go without male company.

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  1. Xill-e-Ilahi (unregistered) on July 5th, 2006 @ 3:02 am

    try the karhai – and ask the guy to use butter instead of oil. its awesome.

  2. Poo Poo Head (unregistered) on July 5th, 2006 @ 7:14 am

    “Best thing I like about this place is that you can ask what’s good on the menu and they’d give you an honest reply.” :-) Extiinct kid, I like your energy.

  3. Zain (unregistered) on July 5th, 2006 @ 9:21 am

    Yes excellent food they have! Have you tried Ideal? Their stuff is equally good…

  4. mansoor (unregistered) on July 5th, 2006 @ 11:33 am

    great! i’ll try it out sometime.. :)

  5. yo yo (unregistered) on July 5th, 2006 @ 6:53 pm

    Never tried food from there. Always used to buy ROTI from the restaurant next door. Will try it next Time I am in pak. Thanks…

  6. Jay (unregistered) on July 11th, 2006 @ 4:46 pm

    Is there a list of all the eating places in Karachi? I have just come for a long visit and would love to hit up the best places. So far only seen a few places in Zamzama.

  7. noor (unregistered) on July 22nd, 2006 @ 10:46 pm

    Being in US for 23 years and tried burgers from a lot of places here.I really really miss cheese burgers from Zeenan .They were awesome

  8. raj (unregistered) on July 25th, 2006 @ 4:56 pm

    Would be visiting Karachi for business. Would love to know from you friends out there about the best place to visit for excellent , authentic moghlai food

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