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Recently, i posted on the start of the Red Top Taxi service, or rather the new different color taxi services in karachi. This is a follow up on that post, with…… *pictures*!!

So guys & gals, this is what a red top taxi cab looks like…

No points in guessing where this pic was taken at :D

Also, just for Raja Khan, i managed to snap a pic of the taxi service running maroon nissan sunny’s.

marooncab%20%281%29.jpg marooncab.jpg

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  1. schawlaf (unregistered) on August 31st, 2006 @ 10:26 am

    Forget red tops , maroons or whites its time for Baby Taxi , the motorcycle engine equipped cars parked in a showroom beside Avari has now been converted in Taxis , i have a seeen a couple at Shaheed Millat road and one parked outside Naheed 2 nights ago , the driver told me they cost Rs 7/- per km

  2. MB (unregistered) on August 31st, 2006 @ 10:29 am

    This is just another way of fooling the world. As if we have a great transport system which include lash pash taxi cabs.
    Instead of doing some real work they are doing cosmetics. And the rest is done by media. That’s the deal is all about? On other hand it’s just another lucrative business so it will obviously benefit few. And govt. will keep on saying they are “providing” job opportunities etc.
    We need a good inter city railway system in this 15 million monster city. Few cabs, few underpasses and some green/red/pink busses won’t do much as it’s been proving time and time again. I will call it just another way to tell people “if you have the money you have got everything”. The poor will keep on using the kachray ka dabba taxi’s and those pollution friendly rickshaws.

    Having said all that, they do look nice and obviously comfortable so any one planning a good deal. Its a very good option.

  3. Nadir Nasir (unregistered) on August 31st, 2006 @ 10:30 am

    Well, That’s a good picture, try getting a picture of the “Green” lil Taxi called the “Baby Taxi”. I’ve seen them mostly in the defence and clifton. (Just three of them since launch),

    I just missed to take a picture of the green baby taxi while it passed me by on the bridge on the same exact location (in the oppisite direction) :(

  4. mansoor (unregistered) on August 31st, 2006 @ 10:31 am

    cool! i end up paying upto Rs. 13 per kilometer on regular rickshaws anyway.. better give em a try :)

  5. dysfunctional (unregistered) on August 31st, 2006 @ 10:36 am

    I saw these the day they came out.. a swarmful outside kehkashan centre lining up near the caltex next to it.. blocking the roads conveniently..
    I wonder where all these new cars will fit.. karachi roads are too crammed already..

  6. RAJA KHAN (unregistered) on August 31st, 2006 @ 3:08 pm

    Mansoor You are a SUPERSTAR ;-)

    Thank you so much!

  7. mansoor (unregistered) on August 31st, 2006 @ 3:39 pm

    dysfunctional: blocking up the road is a normal consequence everywhere :p lolz

    raja: your welcome :)

  8. Saad Ibrahim Lakhany (unregistered) on September 2nd, 2006 @ 5:50 am

    The picture of that red top taxi is taken on main sharae- faisal and in front of FTC!!!

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