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Kenneth Cole Signature -Launched in Pakistan

World acclaimed men’s fragrance Kenneth Cole Signature is officially launched in Pakistan and is now available for perfume lovers. Rich and complex, sophisticated and sensual, perfect for an accomplished men’s world and wardrobe.
Available at fine department store (Check D-Mart‘s perfume section, Shaheed-eMillat Road, Karachi) and perfumeries all over Pakistan.

Yeh “UGAM HALWA” kia hay???

IMAGE_00559.jpgNow, some body tell me what the hell is this “ugam halwa” and if it is in Dadoo, why chalked all over Karachi’s walls?
By the way, any one else who noticed this? It’s written all over Karachi’s walls, let it be Sea View, Teen Talwar, Clifton…

Immediate Attention Required

34-year-old heart patient, Afzal is admitted at Cardio Vascular CCU2, bed#7, NICVD (National institute of cardiovascular diseases) needs angioplasty to be done on immediate basis.
Angiography has been done. Amount required for angioplasty is Rs. 150,000. The guy got married two months back and cannot afford the treatment. Please donate as much as you can. We have already collected Rs.15,000.

Dr. Tasneem Butt,
Radiologist, JPMC
Cell# 0300-2586901
Unaiza Nasim

Yet another policing milestone!

The scenario: The Prime Minister is concerned about the rising street crime in Karachi. He comes to karachi and holds meetings with the upper powers-that-be in the police system. The upper powers get frantic in an effort to please their masters and issue rampant orders to the ‘control’ it instantly.

The response: The police conduct ‘instant raids’ and seize some culprits and ‘recover’ mobile phones. But now, they have a dilemma…. where to get mobile phones to show as ‘recovered’? Our ever-efficient police force, trying to make headlines in order to please their masters, have finally run out of their jurisdiction! Afterall, its pretty easy to show a recovered ‘TT’ from a culprit, not so easy to show a recovered mobile phone.

The solution: The Police buy up used mobile phones from the market, and show them as recovered in the news reels.

The result: Cellphone snatchings are still running rampant with the number of incidents increasing day by day. Reported cellphone snatchings have gone up from the usual 30-40 a day to a whopping 180 a day.

Karachi losing its Cricket Love ?

Karachiites as I know are the most passionate about cricket than any other city that I know. Don’t want to say that others are not but it’s just that Karachi people, amid all their busy work and stuff do try to stay in touch with a match on TV, Radio & even mobile and internet now. A city where people don’t let Ramadan go without a night tournament this was strange. I remember people discussing a win or defeat right after the match for a whole week. Or may be it’s a “who cares” attitude that’s prevailing. This time an angry look appeared at anyone who heard the word “cricket” after that South Africa match.

Is Karachi loosing its love for cricket or it’s just that we don’t want to mention a defeat or it’s too old a story now, the Paki team letting matches go away. Though it’s few days now since we lost the match but so did India & Sri Lanka. One thing that I did not like about what Younis Khan said after the match that a win and defeat is a part of the game. What no one told him is that there is a difference between Defeat & Humiliation. Had we fought and lost no one would say much, like that match in which Pakistan was chasing 356 something and ended up few runs short.

Karachi on Orkut

Almost all of us are on Orkut but did any one ever note how many communities the great city Karachi has???
740 communities about Karachi are listed on the public domain of Orkut.
Most popular being “Karachi”, with 39,674 members!!!
These communities are about happenings in Karachi, Karachi @ Saturday nights, Schools, colleges, universities, hang outs in Karachi and what not.
The heart of commerce, the city that never sleeps, the city of lights, the former capital, the city we are so much in love with. The popularity of the city and the livelihood of the citizens is very much evident from these communities.
Long live Karachi. (Amen)

Olden days

There was a time when things were lot less complicated…

when finding a parking spot on Tariq Road used to take a couple of minutes…

when mobile phones did not exist and you could walk on the beach for hours without getting that “phonecall”…

when Lucky Coach used to charge 4 rupees to get from Malir Halt to Clifton…

when you could spend hours at Sagar Video Games at Boat Basin and purchase tokens for a rupee…

when a soft cone at Snoopy used to cost 10 rupees, a burger at Mr. Burger used to cost 15 rupees, and a bottle of pepsi was for 4 rupees…

when “Live Wires” was the most popular band in town, and “cha gaye hain badalon kay ssaye” was the national anthem of Karachi…

when “Thunder Cats” was the favorite TV show among kids…

when there was no CLI on landlines and you could randomly dial a number to try your luck and have a conversation with a charming girl…

when girls used to wait for such phone calls…

when you could fill up your car with petrol for only 200 rupees.

its a divorce lawyer market

while theres nothing nice about a broken marriage, it is at the very least heartening to know that the women of karachi are finally beginning to step up and demand their rights. and one of the rights they have is a dignified egress from a problematic relationship. the news reported today of the enormous increase in khula cases pending at the various district courts in karachi. an estimated 75,000 apparently.

as expected the issue has degenerated into a discussion on whether women are getting overly influenced by the media revolution which espouses these ideas or whether its simply an increased awareness that has led the women to make a move towards civilisation.

the sad thing is that its the women who’ve been put through enough torture and heartache already who actually have to go through the whole drawn-out and often humiliating process of formalizing the dissolution in court. the men, apparently, can get away with the simple “talaq, talaq, talaq!” routine, remarry or whatever and formalise the details at some later date. how’s that for gender equality?

Car-achi #16


Ghareeb ki Pajero. Heh.
This is even better than a rickshaw saying, mei bara ho kar bus banoonga :p

Sabrina’s…Spa for Girls

If you are among the ones who are careful about how neat their hands and feet are, Sabrina’s a must to visit. From Spa Manicure, Pedicure, Nail repairs, Massages, Janseen Facials to reflexology and Hair treatment, one of the best Spas in town.

Motto: “Because you deserve the best” and they sure make u feel pampered!

Located at Mezzanine floor, 15-c, 6th commercial Lane, Zamzama Boulevard, Phase V, DHA, Karachi.
Phone: 5872593.
Timings: 10.00 am to 6.00 pm

P.S: If you plan to visit make sure to have an appointment.

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