Everyday is a new day

After what happened yesterday, I had a full prepared plan to write a critical post about the way one day’s rain again got our officials Naked but few beautiful moments early morning today made me change my mind and I decide to forget the bad memories. So here is today, a new day with a new hope that those who are at the helm of affairs will start doing something practically. And the message is clear. DAWN tells us all. So here are few moments I captured early this morning. The starting ones were taken yesterday eve.

Had there been any drainage system . . . . . a proper one, functional one.

Everyone started taking his own designed route (car in this case, just turning towards wrong direction, the driver soon understood his design has failed later took the normal route)

Everyday is a new day & it brings hope so let’s forget the bad moments but let’s also remember the lesson.

( Umar please accept my apology for high resolution pics. I guess you can spare me this time as the post demands. )

The evening is romantic, the chaos is not. Chaos, the norm in Karachi these days . . .

Early morning. Sun starting to make us aware of its presence, incase we forget it due to two days of rain.

Dawn breaks slowly.


The best one along with the first one. To lower the size of the pic it has lost its 20 percent beauty but still it was a very beautiful view when I decided to have a “click”.

The black shade and the beautiful crown plaza make this a wallpaper. I am not that well with camera but somehow a good result this time. Look at the shadow of a man/woman on the stairs. Isn’t that great.

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  1. Sufi (unregistered) on December 5th, 2006 @ 8:31 am

    MB brilliant fantastic pictures. Love them all. In the second last picture (Baloch Colony flyover) the bridge looks so bloody dirty man, like its taken in an underworld lol.

    Anyways, keep clicking :) and post your pics here and if you are lucky, you might earn some money out of it.


  2. Mariam (unregistered) on December 5th, 2006 @ 9:53 am

    Thankyou MB! you’ve made my day.

  3. mansoor (unregistered) on December 5th, 2006 @ 11:19 am

    well well well~ MB doing a happy post??! miracles do happen in the city afterall :)

    lovely pics yaar! enjoyed each and everyone of them :)

  4. MB (unregistered) on December 5th, 2006 @ 12:18 pm

    hhaahahahaa….Jo haqeeqat hai wo batana hai. Hum ne konsa paisa kamana hai.
    Aray wah. ye toh poetry hogai.lolz

    Well, frankly Karachi does look great in early morning or in the evening. Today was a good day. I got a chance i got some pics so i decided to forget the barish thingy and post them.

  5. zahra (unregistered) on December 5th, 2006 @ 1:45 pm

    MB: great job, man! i couldnt agree with you more, karachi is msot majestic in its beauty at the crack of dawn and after nightfall…my favourite times there…

    really nice pics, i have one suggestion though: would it be possible for KMB bloggers to mention the locations shown in the pics? for people (who like myself) are away and dont know karachi areas that well…

    thanks! keep up the good work

  6. K G (unregistered) on December 5th, 2006 @ 3:07 pm

    @ MB
    WOWWWW more pics:)thanku soooo much

  7. K G (unregistered) on December 5th, 2006 @ 3:19 pm


  8. SWA (unregistered) on December 5th, 2006 @ 5:49 pm

    Great photos MB! thanks for sharing.

  9. wasiq (unregistered) on December 6th, 2006 @ 4:36 am

    Anyone noticed there are very few mega billboards here in karachi now and this time during the rain we did not hear of a billboard related mishap ….all thanks to a timely action of the city government…..

    @MB…..the visibility was much better than shown in these pic…..thanks for posting.

  10. MB (unregistered) on December 6th, 2006 @ 7:27 am

    @WASIQ :
    It was 7:00 am early in the morning. What time you are talking about ?

  11. MB (unregistered) on December 6th, 2006 @ 7:30 am

    The starting three were when the evening took over, its around 6:00 i guess. Dont remember that one exactly

  12. MB (unregistered) on December 6th, 2006 @ 7:30 am

    The starting three were when the evening took over, its around 6:00 i guess. Dont remember that one exactly

  13. Mariam (unregistered) on December 6th, 2006 @ 9:03 am

    I just read a Karachi rain related article and it reminds me of Karachi blog. So, how are the things now?

  14. sarah (unregistered) on December 6th, 2006 @ 9:30 am

    COOl PIcs………. NICe CLickING!!!!:D

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