and what about huqooq-e-atfaal?

what with the media war against the controversial hudood ordianance, the even more controversial (if that were possible) women’s protection bill and the obvious opposition sponsored fallout, the focus of every current and aspiring political and social hevyweight is the rights of the woman – and that, mind you, is not a bad thing at all. however, being the one track minded nation that we are, the powers that be (who happen to be nothing more than a representative sample of the mentality of a nation) are carrying on as if the hudood ordinance and everything pertaining thereto (or anything opposing it – depending on who you are) was or is the sole social evil causing problems for pakistanis.

and having put their collective conscience at ease, both the politicos and the media are back at what they do best – the doing of, and the reporting of the doing of – nothing, respectively.

meanwhile, the peninsula, which claims to be qatar’s leading english daily, published an article on the plight of teenaged children in karachi’s borstal, the youthful offenders industrial school. apparently a shocking 97% of the population consists of under trial prisoners. this despite the fact that the musharraf government passed a law in 2000, the juvenile justice sytem ordinance, which specifies that the trial of a minor is supposed to be decided within 4 months. the article quotes a former chief justice of pakistan saying that most of the lower judiciary is unaware of the law….

ironic, huh?

in irony, we lead the world.

story credit: one of our readers who didn’t leave a name

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  1. UnholySaint (unregistered) on December 18th, 2006 @ 11:24 am

    Amazing, isnt it? You wanna see more of this drama of shoving culture in the name of religion? Visit the WEST, and see how the older generation is in conflict with its own view on religion, social relationships and even money matters e.g “Beta! Buy Gold, its a good investment!” Anyone with a Finance major can tell you how wrong a philosophy that is.

    Black Muslims especially from Africa treating women worse than a white man would treat a dead pigs meat. Arabs have their moral stamp on the religion Islam. And what can we say about those from the Sub-continent! They simply loath the West and always talk about how great their Homeland is/was.

    But really, I see hope. Its the new generation I see this bright bright hope in. They are educated and bold enough to stand anything anyone/anything to ask WHY. They see no bounds of Nationality to divide.

    I have hope in them. I see the same signs in Pakistan too.

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