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KMB Bloggers Lead the Way for Main Stream Media – II

First it was a cousin complaining about the growing cheating (copy pasting from internet) that the youth is inclined towards. Two of her tuition students fought & accused each other of copying the essay then this program on TV ONE where an important point was to voice against something that’s wrong (especially media) & it’s the first step towards awareness. It occurred to me that how important it is to discourage the habit of copying & strengthen basics & journalist being the guiders of a society in helping it in its direction definitely need to set their basics right. So KMB is raising its voice, louder but this time with few technical objections. The original post by TM had deviated considerably from main point so this new one had to be made for clarity’s sake. The intention is not to accuse someone but to encourage accept mistake & not to repeat it.

This is just one small video. Check all here. Due to websites technical limitations these streamed videos are poor in quality, although their original resolution is excellent. It’s for those who only want an overview. Following Download is must for good full screen resolution videos. Unzip using WINRAR & view in this order (Get pics, Remove border, Part 123 & 4).

Click on above two links to download full resolution videos.

Most Active Readers :-)

Congratulations guys, Karachi has officially the most active readership in all of metroblog world that is a network of over 50 cities. Refer to this:

Out of the top 20 active discussions all over the world, 15 were from Karachi only and only 2 were from outside Pakistan. We at KMB certainly have a loud voice and it says A LOT about the level of internet activity here. Makes me really proud :)

Where in Karachi? #88


UAN’s in Karachi

Recently, i had to lookup a couple of phone numbers here for various places, like Standard Chartered. I knew they have UANs (who doesnt?) but couldn’t find them on their site. After a little net searching, i came across this site listing all known UAN numbers in use at that time. The list is pretty impressive and got some good entries. Check it out here.

Note: the list is probably not updated, since the UAN listed for SCB does not work, while the one listed for ANZ Grindlays is what they’re using now. Which means, all the numbers listed for Union Bank are theirs as well.

AIDS in Karachi

The numbers can and will be disputed, but would anyone be surprised if the general tenor of this story was true:

“According to one such expert, the percentage of AIDS patients in Karachi has increased from 0.4 percent to 26 percent between 2004 and 2005.”

“In this backdrop, there is considerably weight in the complaint that the effective control was not possible as six ministers and managers have been changed during the short span of two years.”

Screens On The Streets

I live in Defense, Phase 4 so I’m in very close proximity to the Defense Imam-Bargah. This year for the first time I observed that they had put up large screens inside and OUTSIDE on the main road for observers and passerby(s) to see what was going on inside the Imam-Bargah. While doing maatam, people could see each other and surrender to the contagious emotions of the crowd, often abandoning personal identity. I also hear they have put up screens all over Karachi and have live maatam for viewing. I do not know what to make of it.
In other news, a cousin of mine in Hyderabad told me that they had live maatam screening on local cable channels yesterday and today. Does anybody else feel like this sort of media (live screens) fuels mob mentality? “Crowds exert a hypnotic influence over members who are shielded by the anonymity of the crowd”. What role do screens play in this?

Addendum: I just want to make clear that I was only referring to the screens and the potential harm they MAY carry. I’m no expert on human behavior, I am just wondering out loud what could be the purpose/logic behind it and what would eventually be the outcome. No religious connotations at all.

Nihari Ki Kahani

Will update this post later, filhaal Nihari ki kahani enjoy karein ..

But if I could, I would make Burns Road one of the cleanest and best looking place in Karachi. All traffic banned.

Of Kemari

Apparently, the cost of ship breaking these abandoned vessels would be higher than the scrap metal retrieved from them. They have, thus, been left to pollute the sea. The photograph seems morbidly beautiful, but the actual thing is an eyesore at Kemari. The oil-infested water and the unbearable stench of God knows what is impossible to ignore.
But this, thankfully, only lasts for a few minutes once you leave Kemari for a fishing or crabbing trip on a launch.
Once you pass the Navy check post, where you show identity (security measure for illegal immigrants??) the water turns from a murky black to sea green. Now I know why the color’s called that. According to the owner of one of the boats, the life jackets were a must. After taking a look at the life jackets they usually have on board, you’d chose to drown than wear them.

High Crime Rate, driving us iNsAne .

Yesterday, 8:00 Pm, I left home for a ten minute walk to a nearby store to buy myself a few items with a 5000 rupee note stuffed in my pocket. As soon as I exited out of the barricaded lane of house KESC decided to play it’s part of shutting off the lights. Darkness had wrapped everything within the area as I entered another neighboring lane dark and without any barricades, my sense of insecurity mounted. Just then a motorcyclist with lightning speed appeared from my behind and stopped a few paces ahead of me elevating my heart beat and sending a fear wave all arose my body. “Aay Bhi !” his words sounded as if a bullet went through my chest, I was motion less, ready to hand him all my belongings. He reached to his pockets, I was sure he was reaching for his gun but instead his hand held a white peace of paper, he asked me “Bhi yeah makan number kahan paray ga? ” at the moment I was so nervous that the numbers scribbled on the paper made no sense, I had no idea where to send him, I tried to focus on the numbers which were a few less than my own house, I nervously gave him directions and continued walking to the store, thanking God for saving me from being robbed.

Story behind “Karachi”

Follow up post on Kurrachee: Karáchí
Karachi, a city whose streets are full of tales within its name carries a story itself.
Karachi is a name that has evolved over a period of time.
Darbo, Tobara, Moron, Janat, Sikandri, Krokala, Khoralabail, khorali, Debal, Kalachi, Kalachi-jo-goth, Kalachi-jo-kan, Kharachi, Kakrala, Karasher, KalatiBandar, Krokal, krokali, karanji, krokata, Dharoja, Korah, Karashi,khoraji, karachar, koranji, kaomara, gharachar,daraja etc.
In 1860, when Karachi Chamber of commerce was formed, the city was officially named as “Karachiÿ≤.
“Karachi was published in government gazette and all local and government institutions were instructed to write the city’s name as published. Till then Karachi has always been “The Karachi.

Source: The Daily Jang, Midweek Magazine

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