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two teachers for four hundred students

Two “qualified” teachers that is.

Government Degree College for Women, Frere Road, that has about 400 commerce students in classes XI, XII, BCom Part-I and BCom Part-II while there are only two teachers with MCom degrees to teach them

The commerce education field is suffering from an acute shortage of teachers at various colleges in the province. Why? Because everyone you know wants to become an ACCA, a CA or an BCom graduate, since (at this moment) they think it pays a lot. The same which happened to computer science field in the late 90’s.

Those teachers who can teach, in my opinion, would much rather want to run tution centers or coaching classes rather than become employees of the colleges. More pay and less bs.

So what becomes of the students who actually want to study? Pay through the nose, or get a second rate education. Typical of the education system in our country.

But hey~ Atleast we’re getting quality text books printed abroad now!

Another sculpture disappears from Seaview it seems not many souls, not officials definitely, are interested in city’s art, whatever left. May be its not as lucrative as other options so that’s why it seems these pieces are at the mercy of either Karachiites themselves or nature, maybe. So Abro & DAWN reported another sculpture been stolen/ disappeared from Seaview. Abro suspects Kinara restaurant may be the culprit with a sarcastic comment “everyone is free in this country to do whatever he wants ” . With no news regarding previous similar incident Karachiites especially artist must be concerned, if not worried.

Poor Anjum Ayaz. He blew it out too: “It is absurd to see President Pervez Musharraf inaugurating a great park (Bagh Ibne Qasim) himself while in the same vicinity art which is the nation’s property is being stolen and no one takes notice.” Poor president too. I feel sorry for him. Looks like we cannot walk one more inch without him being involved in everything.

IVSAA’s Faculty Art Exhibition

Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture is hosting its first ever Faculty Art Exhibition. The exhibition started today and will continue till the mid of March. It is open to the public from 10 a.m to 7 30 p.m from Monday to Friday and 10 a.m to 5 p.m on Saturday. Showcased for everyone to see are paintings, sculpture, metalwork, printmaking designs, miniature paintings, videos and postcards by local artists that include Meher Afroz, Ather Jamal, Rashid Arshed, Arshad Faruqui, Noorjehan Bilgrami, David Pritum to name a few.. I especially enjoyed pieces that celebrated and honoured femininity and nature. Some Quranic calligraphy was also particularly beautiful. My most favourite would be a water colour painting by Ather Jamal titled “Old Karachi” (where he beautifully paints a picturesque Saddar in great detail) and “The Impotent Fruit” by Rabeya Jalil. Check it out for yourself.


And oh, they also have sandwiches and biscuits for the visitors ;)

Negligence by AKUH?

The president has spoken! AKUH will be investigated for negligence following a petition filed by the parents of Aariz Sheikh, an epilepsy patient whose family has been barred from seeing him for the last six month. Not only that, they were not even allowed to enter hospital grounds.

The parents claim that his condition has been made worse by negligence on part of the medical staff including the senior surgeon. Since it now comes from the highest authority, it’ll be fun to see what media circus is pulled off by the parties.

Note: I am NOT anti-Aga Khan as previously insinuated. This news was just too good to pass up.

Tallest building to be build in Karachi

Along with Bagh-Ibne-Qasim comes the news of the world’s tallest buliding to be constructed in Karachi.
The project pertains to the development of the beach, land for which will be reclaimed from the sea. The building would be 1,947 feet high.

Let’s see Karachi developing together.

Dengue Fever Resurfaces

Dr Khalid Mehmood warned us that Dengue Fever may resurface at any time when he presented his paper on Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever at the third annual symposium at the Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS). [Source]

Last year, 4,600 patients suspected to be suffering from dengue were admitted in Karachi hospitals after an outbreak, while 150 patients were admitted in hospitals in the interior of Sindh between June and December. Of these, about 1,600 patients tested positive for dengue virus, while there were 54 dengue related deaths including 50 in Karachi.


Now, news is trickling in of how cases of DF have been reported in different hospitals. Dengue Fever was pretty extensively discussed here last year. From what DF actually is to its preventive methods, a brief guide on how to detect if you have dengue mosquitoes in your area to preventing dengue the Islamic way.

Here’s a bit of a recap to refresh our memories.

Dengue – Information and Prevention [Neoka]

Dengue Haemorrhage Fever [Extiinct]

Dengue – Save thy self [Mansoor]

Nothing escaping cynicism ? has many shapes. It’s also a behaviour of seeing & implying everything always in one particular way even if it’s incorrect. A modern person can be an extremist & conservative too in a different angle. Can anyone enlighten us what this article has tried to convey in American daily specially the last part in second para. Similarly open Google images & type Pakistan & tell me if the very first link or photo pleases you. Google bomb or Google juice?

PAKISTAN 1979: Back in the day before airplanes were used by terrorists as flying missiles and before the world was changed forever, a little known airline called Pakistan International Airlines (PAI) used the Twin Towers and a silhouette of a commercial airliner in an advertisement for non-stop flights to New York.
Read full article

Clifton dug up

Kashif from Chowrangi has posted pictures of development work being carried out in Clifton. Seems like some serious digging. I think someone told the government about a huge treasure hidden someone in Clifton and now they are digging up the whole place to find it.

update on driving licence office

The sudden transfer of Superintendent of Police Tariq Bajwa from the Driving License Branch, Karachi by the Sindh Government has caused a major upset within the police department. Bajwa, who was appointed as the head of the Driving License Branch, Karachi after the IGP Sindh raid last September led to the suspension of the previous DSP, had won much praise during his five month tenure.

The article goes on to tell the various acheivements made by this man, who was appointed to the clifton driving licence office from National Accountability Bureau. Personally, i’m upset too! Why do good men have to be sidelined like this!

Coaching centre in a Government School?

According to this news report, some one set up a coaching centre in a Government School Building. The CDGK doesnt know about this, but the Landhi Town Administration inauguarted the coaching centre. According the newspaper sources, permission was obtained by the Landhi Administration to the EDO education for imparting computer education and english classes in the Government school premises to the local residents free of cost. The pamphlet for the coaching centre, however, mentions a Rs. 100 fee.

I’d agree with allowing use of the building, but only if it was purely on a non-commercial basis. No fee, nothing at all.
Other than that, the usage of Government property should not be allowed for commercial purposes.

What do you think?

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