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Credit : Asad siddiqui

First of all my due apologies to Asad for posting this so late & I don’t know how others missed it. – a networking website devoted to non-profit and community organizations around the world – has launched an “Imagine” initiative. It is is encouraging people around the globe to organize start-up meetings during the week of 5-11 February 2007 “to help launch a global network of people who want to change their communities and the world by connecting people, ideas, and resources in every possible way.” There are already over 70.000 people across the world planning to meet during the week of 5-11 February 2007. The only meeting set up within Pakistan so far is in Karachi on 10 February 2007. See here for details

Date: February 10, 2007
Location: Jinnah Air port Mac’ Donald, Qaid-e-Azam Park Steel town, Karachi
Start time: 5:00pm , End time: 7:00pm
Organizer Khubaib

I think we can all agree that there is not nearly enough participation within the neighborhoods and communities of this city by the people who create them, maintain them, and live in them. This is symptomatic of our culture – and many other cultures, too – at large. With some luck, with these meetings we can begin to nurture a truly participatory culture: one that not only encourages participation, but requires participation to exist. If not, one of my biggest fears is that our culture will be continue to be vulnerable to manipulation – through fear, control over the media, etc. – by small groups to their own ends – material wealth, political ideology, religious ideology, etc. Please spread the word within Karachi and to any contacts throughout the country via e-mail, blogs, etc. The commitment is minimal: just a couple of hours at most. If any of you are interested in organizing more meetings within Karachi please do so. Bring anyone who is interested. These meetings should hopefully be a demonstration of diversity and a sense of community. I don’t think you need to be registered with to register for a meeting, but you do need to be registered to organize one. I think the site is worth registering for anyway.

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