Karachiites source of news & information ?

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http://karachi.metblogs.com/archives/images/2007/03/mb/pm2-thumb.JPGhttp://karachi.metblogs.com/archives/images/2007/03/mb/pm1-thumb.JPGLast 3 days remained one of the most active. Even though, the story is in capital, Karachi has jumped into it like anything. Readers comments at our own Karachi Metroblog & All Things Pakistan (also blogs like TM & Ramla ) especially have shown why we always say Karachi & Karachiites rock & so does whole Pakistan. Be it Oct 8’s relief work or other, Karachiites remain the first one to react at available forums.

As active as you, the readers have been we want to know your opinion about Electronic & print media. Also, the activity over internet, the blogs & forums & the opportunity they provide you to express yourself without fear, a privilege our media doesn’t enjoy. Isn’t it true that our youth needs opportunities to express views & have their say, in matters that have great impact on them. Internet being their only opportunity & choice right now. Please enlighten us about other similar choices.

So which (channel/newspaper/website) remained your good source to news, information & discussion ?
Following is my view as i observed about the way these sources handled the news:

– All TV channels started informing viewers about the development starting with GEO, ARY & AAJ.
– In eve these channels for reasons unknown stopped showing any news or story except GEO where Hamid Mir was hosting a program.
– Interestingly ARY started showing a one year old interview of Adil Najam & AAJ started showing its normal programs. Other channels went silent too. This may all be incidental but I found this very fishy. Please share if you have any idea.
– Late eve & then at night programs resumed again & things look set again for some activity.
– So far my personal opinion is all good for these channels & newspapers who are trying their best to be neutral under a military regime. Newspapers have been quite critical & there is hardly any sympathy to gov. Apart from few statements by gov officials the papers are mostly filled with anti gov. news.
– So do you think it’s a fair journey or there is any lack from the media? Those who are related to media can help us make any assessment.

I leave my views about internet on your as your views would be more beneficial in this regard.

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