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Pedestrian Satire : Mishaone)

Looks like a clever pedestrian found an evil idea near Khayaban-e-Ittehad.

What could be his intent in removing

r ” & ” v ” ?

Also, on other note :
Silent protest is an interesting form of conveying your views but showing difference of opinion/objection etc. Its popular in West & you often see groups shown doing it on TV.

Do you think this method be preferred over other as it’s less likely to result in a physical collision?

ADP & Mauj – Live at PACC.

Great music, excellent sound and a performance to remember. ADP (Aunty Disco Project) and Mauj at the PACC on Sunday, 29 April, brought all three together for approximately 200 people. The event as per norm started later than its original time.

ADP comprising of Omar Bilal Akhtar (Vocals/ Guitar/Bass) Imran Lodhi(Vocals/Bass/Guitar) Omar “OK” Khalid (Drums/Guitar) Yasir Qureshi (Darbuka/ Percussion) kicked the night off to a roaring start with Prince’s “Kiss” and made the classic their own. Next came their original, “Sultanat”, followed by another cover. This time it was The Clash’s “Rock the Casbah”. Yasir Qureshi was phenomenal on the Darbuka! For me, this song was the highest point of the entire evening. Next came “Such” and “Nazar”, the latter was sung by Omar Bilal with his guitar as his only company. “Ho bhi jahan” came next, with an announcement that they had just completed the video for the song. ADP ended the night with Rolling Stones “Sympathy for the Devi”l and bowed out to thunderous applause leaving people wanting for more.

What’s in it for Karachi ?

“Only the foolish learn from experience – the wise learn from the experience of others”
Romanian Proverb

First read this : A stretch of vital highway for San Francisco Bay area commuters collapsed on Sunday after a gas tanker truck crashed and ignited flames that shot more than 200 feet high.

As there is no discussion going involving citizens, looks like EE plan will move on. So, while Karachi’s infrastructure is no match to San Francisco it would be wise to consider this story & take appropriate steps. Because if GOD forbid any such/similar incident occur in Karachi only accusations & the usual fact-finding committee will follow. Here are 5 ponder-able comments from this event that fit local environment.

1. “San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom quickly ruled out sabotage or terrorism, but said the accident showed the region’s infrastructure remains dangerously vulnerable”If San Francisco is vulnerable, what our city is ?

2. “Bay Bridge, around a half mile from the closed interchange, remained open and was accessible from another highway. A section of the bridge had collapsed in the 1989 earthquake, but was reopened 30 days later”
Do we see any such disaster management facility in our design ?

3. “Newsom said the accident was a wake-up call about vulnerability from natural and man-made disaster. “These unfortunate events are opportunities to remind people that our infrastructure is not where it needs to be,” he said. We even dont have a concept of wake-up calls
(Credit: XYZ )

in other blogs #3: The real enlightenment

What javeria has written, i’ve also seen happening. She writes about how enlightenment about quran, about the teachings of islam are spreading at a grassroots level among the women of the so-called ‘westernized society’ of karachi’s posh localities. Adnan Siddiqui, when commenting on a previous blog here, wrote that he was indebted to US and their war on terror, for it made him want to learn and understand what Islam was truly all about. Here, things are not so different, for i suspect that all the targetting has made people want to learn and understand it’s teachings better.

I have seen sleeveless wearing girls and women change and take up the full hijab. I have seen filthy rich fashion conscious ladies change and become simple and veiled and beautiful practicing Muslimahs…I have seen the rich donate money and their entire houses for the spread of deen.

Karachi zoo losing animals

Where many people die in road accidents or are murdered over disputes or shot by bandits, who really care about those innocent animals in the cage who are brought from their natural habitats just to entertain the public.
The poor animals in the Karachi zoo are dying.
Remeber the “Anarkali”, the tiger and so many that we dont even remember…A report by “the Daily Dawn” caught my eyes.

Check this out.
Where hundreds die in government hospitals due to lack of funds will anyone care for the animals of this city?

An intelligent, groomed new generation


The other day, I met this lady at my home who had come from “Time off” telling interesting stuff about how to raise childern with possitive qualities.

The Lady had a set of books (of course marketing and selling) but interstingly what ever she said was right.

There was a chart with books for different ages starting from 1 month to 15 years.

On getting inquistive about how this idea came to Pakistan, I was told that someone among the owners had lived in USA and raised their kids there. When they returned back to Karachi, they felt the need of raising awareness among parents to raise their kids well and that’s how this project started.

The basic objective is (as I guessed) to increse the parent-child interaction, as these books have to be read by either of the parents to their childern even if they don’t understand it (4 Months- 1 year).

There was a chart with options of what capability is needed to be developed in the kid. (analytical skills, speaking power, confidence… etc). My Bhabi bought a set for the year old niece and I have already started noticing the change in the little child.

As told by the lady the sale of the books indicated a better, groomed and intelligent new genration.

Guess who is coming to town?

Brace your self everyone, the PM is due in town. Shaukat Aziz has reportedly convened a meeting of presidents and CEOs of all banks at the Governor House today, and he also he’ll also be performing “the inauguration of the two draggers, procured by Karachi Port Trust recently at a cost of Rs 900 million”. Good luck in avoiding the chaos which will most probably result as traffic and life in general comes to a stand still while his massive VIP escort makes its way through different parts of the city. May God bless us with patience.

monday 55 – being pakistani, trashing pakistan

this week we’re going to write about the least lovable of all the identifying traits of the denizens of our metropolitan jungle – their garbage disposal policy. we – and i use that term loosely as a collective identification for the majority of the populace – think nothing of dumping all our garbage on our city streets while stressing the importance of keeping our homes and ourselves clean. cleanliness is half of faith after all. and hypocrisy, apparently, is our birthright.

she’s spent the whole day lovingly tidying up the flat, polishing the doorknobs, sweeping the floors. its tiring, but when all’s said and done, it is her home and she just has to keep it clean.

she casually lifts up the bag in which she’s collected the dirt and tosses it out of the window.

as always, we await your responses, preferably in the 55 fiction format – but you can write anyway you like. have a nice week!

The language of “Dunda”

(Credit : D0CTOR)
Before you look at this photo i request you to read this related article by Javaid Chaudhry to understand the overall message/concern. You can replace JC’s dunda with the belt here. And as always, there is plenty ot show about all educated representatives of ours. Who needs more manners ?

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Another Indifferent Labour Day?

While different countries observe Labour Day on different times of the year, vast majority do it on May 1st, and all do it to “celebrate the economic and social achievements of workers”. Its also a day where much is said of labour rights, and neglect and abuse of these rights, something that is widespread in our city Karachi, and indeed the whole country.

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