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Restaurant Review #8: Cafe Mediterranean

Cafe Mediterranean is one of the several places in Zamzama that offer a nice ambience, wierd music, and expensive food.

How expensive? Well, that depends on you. Main course between 400 and 600 can mean a lot to some, but if you are dining in Zamzama expect to spend that much anywhere you go.

I would rate the food above average. The delivery time was excellent, perhaps because there weren’t many people at that time (I went there early, at 9 PM). However, their food wasn’t as scrumptious as places like Roasters and Arizona Grill. We had chicken steaks and that’s what I am comparing it with at other places. We didn’t have any starters or side dishes, just main and drinks. The bill came out to be around 1100 rupees, not the most I have payed at these restaurants.

So the bottom line: try it once, and move on. Or perhaps go there when there is nowhere else to go.

Rating: 6/10

Where in Karachi # 103

(Credits: Ahmed Jalbani)


Umar did a post recently on Greenery (?) in Karachi. Found this photo on KMB flickr group & for a moment thought i am in Singapore (okey okey not Singapore but you know what i mean . . . ). A burst of WIKs this week. Good oey !!

T2F fatigue

T2F has gotten a lot of flak out here, so this is for all the T2F haters: it is simply the most crass, commercial project imaginable. If T2F becomes the “cultural hotspot” of Karachi, may god help us all.

Consider. T2F has very successfully managed to position itself as having an artistic/intellectual/sophisticated side where the coffee is cheap and the ideas rich. But then I actually went to the place and found it to be as unwelcoming as a hospital cafeteria. The spotless, multicoloured walls (other than the incomplete mural), the uncomfortable wooden stools, the awful lighting, all tucked away in the most soulless, corporate office block imaginable. Zamzama isn’t a pretty place at all, but the cafes there at least manage to mask the ugliness of the buildings that house them.

Karachi’s Wireless ‘Hot Spots’

Having only just returned from holidays abroad, you tend to start taking the Internet for granted a bit. Then slowly, as the jet lag wears out and you become re-accustomed to the power outages, heat and general all round chaos, you start to recall that your own 54 mbps DSL connection accessed via a sleek Linksys router, places you in a quite an elite category. Unlimited Internet connectivity, with wires let alone wirelessly after all, is not a luxury everyone in Karachi has.

In such a situation then, when most of us Internet users are still dreaming of reliable (and affordable!) broadband, talking about wireless connectivity may seem far fetched. But much to my surprise, Karachi’s isn’t as isolated Internet connectivity wise as I expected it to be.

Where in Karachi #102

Presenting another installment of WIK. Lets see how much do we really know what our city looks like.

(Note: The original photographer is not allowed to guess where the picture is from, for obvious reasons).

Credit: Raja Islam

Dead fishes on the shore of Karachi

Karachi is a city where listening to stories about finding dead bodies might not be a great deal, but this time its not about human life – its about sea life….12062007116.jpg
I took this picture few days back at the beach near MacDonalds, Sea-view and today I read this story in Dailytimes about thousands of dead fishes found on KPT harbor and people collecting them to sell in city.
These fishes in large numbers started appearing on the shores of Karachi near Keemari on Saturday morning and the number increased by Sunday noon.
Read the story here.

Spread the message with love fear

The wave has reached here. Someone is threatening the businessmen at Rainbow Center to shutdown their shops or face consequences. Details here.

I don’t know how to react to it. While I agree that evil should be discouraged but doing it in such a way that people are filled with fear and disrespect for the good would not bear good fruits in the long run. That’s all I can say.

Where in Karachi #101

Put on your guessing caps people, its time once again for a ‘Where in Karachi’. Lets see how much do we really know what our city looks like.

(Note: The original photographer is not allowed to guess where the picture is from, for obvious reasons).

Credit: Szuberi

Mysteries of the Brain – Presentation and Discussion

The Second Floor will be hosting a presentation and discussion titled “Mysteries of the Brain” by Dr. Saad Shafqat, as part of its scientific discussions series “Science ka Adda” on July 31, 2007 at 7 pm

About Dr. Shafqat:Associate Professor of Neurology at Aga Khan University (AKU), Karachi. He obtained an MBBS from AKU in 1988, a PhD in Neuroscience form Duke University in 1994, and specialized as a neurologist from Harvard’s Massachusetts General Hospital in 1999.

Apna Talent – Umair Mirza

Lately, i’ve started realizing that Karachi produces quite a few talented people who show off their skills in the world stage. The latest case in point is Umair Mirza, a regular reader and commenter at KMB as well an avid photographer who says about himself “Karachi gets lot of negative coverage from the world media. and i through my photgraphs want to change it ! so i m trying to show what karachi is like , certainly it is not a BATTLEFIELD with men on camels and sword in their hands”

Umair Mirza recently participated in the BBC’s S. Asia Mobile Phone Picture Competition, going head to head with hundreds, if not thousands, of entries from across the subcontinent and secured third place.

Congrats Umair, and a big “woo hoo” from the team at Karachi MB for making karachi just a bit bigger on the world map.

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