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Driving Style: Kartab

What do we call it? Driving style or sitting style:-D

Where In Karachi ?
This one might not be too hard for you to guess but still where in Karachi is this ?

Filing Tax Returns

Image000.jpgI visited the Income Tax House building opposite Sindh Secretariat today to file my income tax return and was pleasantly surprised to see the entire place being under a complete revamp. At least some of our taxes are being put to work!

The porch space of the building that was previously used to put up tents where various categories of tax payers were handled is currently getting a new floor. Hence the inside of the main hall (which is just around 20% done) had the counters set up.


“Vallet” at the PC Here’s one of my favorites – The arty-farty glass, the embossed service announcement standing at the back entrance parking lot of the Pearl Continental Hotel in Karachi. The smallest of signs are now being touched with some beautiful aesthetics. However in the case of this sign, I must have stood at entrance of the PC countless times, wondering how the management at the PC could allow something so small yet so in-your-face be mispelled. Regardless, I still find it interesting to talk about with the Valets that are standing around there.

Dengue in Defence There are things we consider our fate and caused by natural calamities, and then there are repercussions of our own ignorance. In order to avoid the FTC-Shara-e-Faisal traffic, I sometimes take the Kala-Pul diversion into Azam Basti to go torwards the Regent Plaza road. This photograph is of the road just outside the World Food Program office, on your way to the National Hockey Club and the Askari Apartments. It is unfortunate that though these areas may not fall under the Ciy Nazim’s watch, that the rainwater, combined with flooding drain pipes, make one side of the 2-way road, completely unusable and a threat to a lot of diseases we can do without. What stops a resident of the area from doing something about a situation like this?

Organic fad arrives in Karachi?

This sabziwala used to have a push-cart but over the period of time, thanks to the incredible profits associated in the business of vegetable selling in Karachi, has upgraded to a permanent shop. The latest arrival at the shop is this green board that boasts ‘organic food’. I am not sure if the owner(s) of this outlet understand what organic is and what it is not but it seems like they will soon have another reason with them to sent the prices of the vegetables one notch up on this pretext.

President’s case

The Supreme Court has rendered invalid all the applications against Musharraf’s dual positions. Following the decision, Musharraf is eligible to be a candidate for presidential elections on 6th October, which comes as a shock & disappointment for a large number of people. On the other hand, Musharraf has announced that he will surrender his uniform on 7th October, immediately after the elections. Musharraf’s supporters are overjoyed on the Supreme Court’s decision. What do u think will be the impact of this decision on the common man?

Proposals for a better local body government

Is the election season near? I can smell it in the air. All of a sudden, roads that had been in a state of disrepair for ages are getting carpeted. The CCIS website is actually yielding results. The traffic mess in Ramadan isn’t as bad as was initially expected. New signals have been installed. Multiple projects are being inaugurated. Even the readers agree that all these activities have to be support gaining gimmicks.

Maybe the government rightly believes that people in this nation have short term memories. We will forget the problems we had to face during the entire term of Mustafa ‘Kudaal’ as some of the commentors on this blog have named him, and only remember the most recent successes. And it’s not just this particular government. As the elections close in, all elected (and otherwise) leaders step up on not only promising rhetoric but also development activities in their constituencies to lure in gullible voters.

Amin Gulgee on Karachi

Pakistan Paindabad featured an interview with Amin Gulgee, the celebrated metal sculptor from Karachi while he visited Delhi recently.

Amin attributes Karachi with ‘energy’ more than once while appreciating the history Lahore correctly boasts about. In somewhat debatable words, he says:

Which city is classier – Karachi or Lahore?

There is no comparison. Lahore has old monuments. In Karachi, the only antique things are its British monuments. In fact, we encourage every friend from abroad landing in Karachi to visit Lahore. The beauty really lies there. But I can’t survive without Karachi. I need its energy. Lahore, all said and done, is just another Punjabi city.

Office timings in Ramazan

My office starts at 8:30 in Ramazan and every single day it’s a struggle for me to get there on time. It’s impossible for me to wake up in time for office. I am always late, by a large margin!

I think during Ramazan office hours should start at 7 in the morning, so that you don’t sleep after Sehri and go straight to work, or they should not start before 10 AM so that you get adequate sleep and stay alert during work.

What are your office timings and do you find it hard or easy to follow them?

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