Our traffic, the defining line

For all the people who honk at others, at a red light, basically trying to get them to move ….all I can say is… you all show your crassness. For those who do not stop at red lights in Karachi, clearly you are just a wee bit of a “lesser” human being.

I will take greater pride in following the traffic rules only because that separates me from the herd. It no longer matters whether you are “educated” or drive big fancy cars…. You show yourself to be human being less worthy of respect simply because you fail to show respect to the laws of the land, and to the safety of your fellow humans. Each time, I come across one of you, I will smile as that will just make me “better” than one more human on earth, and as the goal is to elevate yourself and grow, I will be closer to that goal. So carry on – all you who think you are above the law, each time you act like this, you only put the rest of us in more exclusive company.

I was taught that no one is lesser or greater or that arrogance is a bad thing, but today I throw all that aside…
There is a new reason to feel “smug” and elitist now. The separation is simply those who follow the traffic rules and those who do not. Forget education, money, fame, family backgrounds or professional stature etc. those are all secondary, just showing respect to your fellow humans is reason enough to separate one from another and these days in Karachi people stopping at red lights is such a rare sight, that it’s a very small exclusive elitist club now. Following traffic rules shows your outlook towards humanity in general and it’s all too clear – people in Karachi DO NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR FELLOW HUMANS. The roads are the one place everyone from all the different backgrounds etc. all come together and you can just see how sad that mix turns out to be.

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  1. ALAM (unregistered) on September 20th, 2007 @ 9:55 am

    Saba ji,

    tanj peray-e-tabassum mein
    is takulluf ki kia zaroorat hai

    NEWSFLASH: All of “us” can do without ur smile !

    u need to get out of ur car, take ur glasses and gloves off, shout your lungs out, and make a scene…

    it will make some’s day, i assure you

  2. mansoor (unregistered) on September 20th, 2007 @ 10:10 am

    i agree, for the most part i have the same feelings when on the road.

    especially when some guy behind me decides to test how long his horn can sound without burning out just because a car is blocking my way in front

    my solution: turn up the music in the car to drown out that sound. :p

  3. §unny (unregistered) on September 20th, 2007 @ 10:15 am

    I m not sure u’ve drove ur car in Ramadhan at 3-5 pm from Shara-e-Faisal to Gulistan-e-Johar……

    I’d similar thoughts b4 this month (though i still try to follow the rules as much as possible)… but now i dont feel tht those who are violating the laws are to be blamed …

    During this holy month evry person has less patience n more aggression (n thts so natural – u shud have more self control to avoid this – n we have none) ……..

    Neways the only solution to Traffic problem is …. Start riding bicycle …….. n karachi will be pollution n traffic free city :p

  4. umar (unregistered) on September 20th, 2007 @ 10:15 am

    that’s exactly how I think. If the next guy is running the red light, I am better than him, I wouldn’t do the same.

  5. (unregistered) on September 20th, 2007 @ 10:21 am
  6. Ali Jafri (unregistered) on September 20th, 2007 @ 11:05 am

    I Consider people smart who doesn’t wait for the green light, the Light is just a Light come on guys your brains can perform better than a stupid light, well this is Karachi if you think you can make the difference by staying at Signal probably you are the biggest stupid on the planet or you have the longest of time.. if you drive in lane and without Hoshiyari i.e. changing lanes n over takin others you just simply can’t survive see nobody’s talkin about a Motorccylist driving in da fast lane at shahr-e-faisal a stupid aunty driving with the speed on -20 making life misserable for others.. an old unlce driving slow in the miD of lane two parallel stupids driving and aren’t even allowing others to over take lol my friends i have drove in many places around the world please dont try to educate me on this, actually solution is something very different.. which nobody is even talking here or perhaps nobody knows..

  7. Tariq (unregistered) on September 20th, 2007 @ 12:49 pm

    @Ali Jafri

    If u r such a smarty pants, why don’t u share with us what u have in mind.

  8. Notonebuttwo (unregistered) on September 20th, 2007 @ 1:17 pm

    Perhaps you who do not stop at red lights do not value your own life or anyone else’s.
    Also, if you have driven all over the world, did you also run red lights in other cities?
    The lights are there for YOUR safety. If you do not comply with simple civic rules, you become a menace to society.

  9. Ali Jafri (unregistered) on September 20th, 2007 @ 1:49 pm

    Well yes offcourse i use to stop at Red light outside PAK reason i wasn’t living among iLLiterate and people driving without license.. and 2ndly the traffic flow is very fast abroad.. and you don’t see an old lady or a BIKE driving at the speed of -20 in fast lane lol. well ppl first should understand the concpet of driving rather crawling on the roads..they don’t drive in PAK its just they are too Slow and they don’t have any concept of Lane, Fast lane, turnings, Courtesy man hardly ppl can drive… u need a suggestion go and learn to DRIVE first not just you aLL of them should learn the rulz.. yea only then you can blame me if i don’t stop at Signals..otherwise whatever i am doing is just trying to find my way out among jahiLz see if you want to teach a child something you have to go at his level… thats what i am doing… n as far value of life’s concern lol buLLshit man you think that within day time in khi you can have a major accident or something well to brutally honest i strongly disagree and i ain’t stupid and never said anything about harsh driving or over speding which could lead to an accident…

  10. Tariq Khanani (unregistered) on September 20th, 2007 @ 2:30 pm

    In that case if two Ali Jafri are bereaking the signal at the same time there is chance that they both will collide.

    @Ali Jafri
    Consider everyone agrees with you and says stopping on red light is no-no, then what would be the situation on the roads, would u mind shedding light on that also?
    Just thinking hah i am smart, i know the rulez but i won’t follow them if no one else will follow them can only worsen the situation not improve it.

  11. Ali Jafri (unregistered) on September 20th, 2007 @ 3:37 pm

    God has given you two eyes and brain… even if you are breaking the signal you don’t do it blindly… you see around you do your maths and take your chances yes offcourse if people like you will be breaking the signals i am sure dere would be a disaster so please i won’t advise you and 2ndly you keep on typing here if you feel like you can do something to make this world a better place please go out and do something yes you can make a difference but by only blogging i don’t see any difference you people can’t do anything except criticising others anyways… while driving if i will feel like i am being stupid by standing at the signal and i can easily go, so I’ll go and won’t wait thats what happens even in the first world countries but there they have pressure plates installed on the roads so that you don’t wait like stupids if you see no one’s around you can go…

  12. MB (unregistered) on September 20th, 2007 @ 4:09 pm

    @Ali Jafri
    Though Tariq Khanani has already replied but reading your statement ” Well yes off course i use to stop at Red light outside PAK reason i wasn’t living among illiterate and people driving without license ”

    i wonder why we should consider you different from those illiterates ?

    Just in case no one taught you about literacy in WEST here is a recap for you:-

    A literate : One who says i have eyes and a brain and i shall see whats wrong and right and will follow.

    And Illiterate :- I have eyes n brain too but i will follow what others will follow using (or using not) their eyes and brains.

    Bad for you that you disclosed which section you belong to.

  13. MB (unregistered) on September 20th, 2007 @ 4:13 pm

    Saba, you said” Karachi DO NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR FELLOW HUMANS ”
    Just to prove your point, this was like an year back

  14. Ali Jafri (unregistered) on September 20th, 2007 @ 4:47 pm

    I knew it criticising is only what you people can do, i can’t argu specially overlame statements and specially with people having mindsets and who only focuses on defintion but not the subject which is going on and i was just sharing my views, every one has the right to share, its an open forum or isnt and people can be harsh i never knew it lol why you people take in as personal my friend i have the right to talk and i will,and you aren’t some authohirty to draw conclusions about anyone so please don’t try to judge me if you really want to help try to educate people around you and tell them to drive carefully and particular drive in lanes and yea later on you can start preeching that stop the violation of signals..

  15. Faisal (unregistered) on September 20th, 2007 @ 5:45 pm

    Ali Jafri…what can I say…
    You’re humiliating yourself…STOP. for your own sake, stop…people all over karachi are reading your comments and thinking ‘what an ass’, laughing their OWN asses off at the same time…have some selfpity.

  16. Zubair (unregistered) on September 20th, 2007 @ 6:06 pm

    1. i agree with ali jafri’s comment.

    2. what if the person who is behind you honking for way to break the signal is in some emergency situation? should’nt we all be polite to others?

  17. Nabeel (unregistered) on September 20th, 2007 @ 11:47 pm

    Ali Jafri is right in that many,many people here in Karachi drive abysmally….the rule is that you should always overtake a car from the right but if you have someone who refuses to move from the fast lane and is driving in the second gear…what do you do? do you wait for the person to move or do you break the rule and overtake from the left (taking care not to harm anything)?
    and if your answer is wait patiently – what if you have somewhere important to go? what if you have,for example,a train to catch?

  18. d0ct0r (unregistered) on September 21st, 2007 @ 12:16 am

    @Nabeel still you can’t justify breaking the signal and not stopping at red light…

  19. Tariq Khanani (unregistered) on September 21st, 2007 @ 8:54 am

    @Ali Jafri

    “Well yes offcourse i use to stop at Red light outside PAK reason i wasn’t living among iLLiterate and people driving without license”

    That means if someday u decide to live with some African tribesman, u will take off ur clothes and wear leaves instead right??

    Secondly, driving license is the first rule a person follows, but in ur case if u don’t stop on red lights, u probably don’t need a license.

  20. Ali jafri (unregistered) on September 21st, 2007 @ 1:26 pm

    Please don’t give me stupid and lame examples of living in Africa and all crap it reflects your state of mind and we all know it was not a practial example which you refered and you wiLL never accept that, anyways have you ever heard this “Aaway ka Aawa hi bigra hua hai” if not so i don’t care and if you have so my friend keep on driving the way you do and don’t point out others unless the whole system changes… and untill that happens stop judging people on your own made criteria because you ain’t any authority and everybody knows what authorities are doing so please try to stop living in a fool’s paradise.

  21. Tariq Khanani (unregistered) on September 21st, 2007 @ 1:43 pm

    Har Shaakh pe Ulloo betha hay – Anjam-e-gulistan kia hoga.

  22. Erum (unregistered) on September 21st, 2007 @ 7:47 pm

    Ali Jafri, you’re comments are shokingly sad. I can only hope that one day you will realize that your actions are not your’s only, they affect the entire society you live in. So YOU make the society and the environment, it didn’t get created on its own. Take care!

  23. Sam (unregistered) on September 22nd, 2007 @ 11:20 am

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