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And that marks the end of the year

So, a day full of panic, rumours, and chaos marked the end of the year 2007. I can only recall sad events that happened this year because they clearly overshadowed anything good that happened.

May 12, 2007
October 18, 2007
December 27, 2007
December 31, 2007

These are not just dates. These are marks on the pages of history that will forever haunt the citizens of Karachi.

Let’s hope and pray that next year we see a better Karachi in all aspects.

Very disturbing – Victimizing the mentally challenged!

“And out came the wolves” writes Qasim A. Moini of Dawn, with a news item which literally shakes you to your very core. What depths have we sunk to as a nation becomes clear when acts of mindless barbarism are committed in the name of ‘mourning’.

“There are 1,500 people who reside in the Edhi Village, 300 of whom are children, mostly orphans, while 1,200 or so are mentally challenged individuals. The attackers torched 16 of our ambulances destined for the interior of Sindh and then proceeded to smash the equipment. They did not even spare the children and mental patients and beat them mercilessly. They did not demand anything, nor did they identify themselves. They just resorted to wanton violence,” Rizwan Edhi told Dawn when contacted.

In past incidents, hospitals, ambulances and humanitarian workers were spared. This time, it was all out carnage. A number of Edhi ambulances torched, hospitals gutted and now the mentally disabled and orphans beaten up at a place well out of the normal ‘trouble areas’ of the city, infact out of the city itself, located off the Super Highway.

Disgusting, despicable, and very very disturbing.

Source: Dawn News

Twitter Karachi Updating News

twitter.pngIn tense situations like these, it is far easier to get instant updates via SMS as not everyone can have the luxury to read the news item online immediately. To get instant free alerts Join and subscribe to Twitter Karachi @ and receive instant updates directly to your cell phone [works on most networks & its far better then paying Rs. 50 {?} for the breaking news alert from your provider] Send situation updates to or SMS 0332-3491410 [strictly SMS] so we can relay the news to the network

Other good twitter channels to subscribe to are Twitter Dawn News & Twitter KMB

Congestion Building up at Sharae Faisal

Good thing I can have a look of SF from my office window. There is massive congestion on Tipu Sultan road intersection. If you are indoors don’t go out because you will be stuck in traffic. The best strategy is to stay in for a couple of hours until the roads clear up.

On a side note, I have a feeling things will be normal in the evening. So stay put and don’t panic. You will only be adding to the chaos. And as mentioned in the previous posts, don’t react to rumours (or spread them) before confirming them on a news channel or website.

Update: I just looked out and traffic seems to be flowing normally at the moment. Hope it stays that way.

Farooq Sattar is Alive and Well!

There has been a rumour flying around about the MQM, but Farooq Sattar is alive and well – He was just seen on Ary OneWorld, giving a phone interview that there are a lot of rumors running around but he is well – Yes, shops and banks have shut down and many continue to – Please let’s not flood the streets with unecessary chaos, adding to an already fragile situation. Thanks for the foresight, Tee Emm.

Situation deteriorating

1. Rioters stormed rangers outpost in Saddar Area, 2 rioters shot dead as rangers instituted shoot-on-sight.
2. Bomb Blast reported at Gizri

Offices are being vacated as we speak. Be safe karachi!

Update: Petrol pumps and Banks have again closed down, following a brief period of activity this morning.

Update: Things returning to normal after the rumor about farooq sattars death was proved to be just that. Offices and banks have closed and streets bear the same deserted look of the last couple of days. Zamzama is closed down tight, but rangers patrolling the area have managed to bring things under control.

Rumor Mill – Are You a Part of It?

As the city tries to stand up again on its feet, it is inevitable that rumors of violence will make rounds today once again. As we try to bear the loss and the systematic destruction of the very fabric of the city in a matter of few hours, let us resolve not to be part of the rumor mill by spreading unconfirmed news of violence to our respective circles. Being concerned about the security and reporting on one’s own experiences is one thing, giving authentic propagation to unconfirmed news is another. Let’s keep the heads cool and eyes open.

Violence persists!

News accounts pouring in, the first day of ‘normalcy’ we see another outbreak of violence.

1. Firing at Jodia Bazaar, area closed to traffic.
2. Firing at KPT Underpass, clifton.

Offices are being vacated and people are once again rushing home. Be safe karachi.

A Welcome Sight indeed!

Petrol tanker spotted at PSO petrol pump opp Nursery, Shahrah-e-Faisal.


The city may just recover yet!

Karachi Burns – In Pictures

Few scene’s have been as devastating as the events of the last couple of days. Left wondering how life will proceed in an uncertain future, even the coming of the new year doesn’t bring solace.

Mudsi, on Flickr, has managed to capture much of these mindless, senseless and outright barbaric acts across the city of Karachi. If nothing else, it gives a sense of just how much we’ve lost in the past couple of days.

Those among us, who point their fingers to PPP or MQM or Jamiat, ANP or any other politically motivated group, or even people of pathan or afghan descent,  please take time out to think that it doesn’t matter who does the killing. We all loose out in the end. May God help those most severely affected by these tragic times.

Click here to see complete album of over 50 very disturbing images

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