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Breaking News !! Fire Razes Over 100 Huts To Ashes

A few hours back, a fierce fire razed around 700 over 100 huts In Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Block 9 Adjacent AzizBhati Park. The fire brigade, according to the area people reached half an hour late regardless of the fact that Gulshan town fire station is located less than a mile away from the place of the incident. When I reached the location two people with miner injuries were already been rushed to the hospital while one injured was on his way to the hospital an ambulance. there are reportedly three to four children misusing and it is suspected they might have been killed in the fire when I left the scene people were still searching the smoldering remains for any sign of the missing children. Although The fire now is under control, the ashes of what once used to be the home for over a hundred families is still smoldering and the fire tenders are busy cooling the smoldering ashes and searching for remains of people who may have been killed as a result of this fire

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Banking of Tomorrow……Today

Disclaimer: This post represents a personal experience, and is not intended to be construed as a product advertisement in any manner

Although not a lot of people know about it, UBL has launched a truly online banking facility by the name of Orion – mobile wallet. It is an intuitive and convenient way of making payments, paying bill and transferring funds.

World Largest Kurta

A detergent company has put up what it is claiming to be ‘World’s Largest Kurta’ in its latest promotion campaign. The venue is the Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) ground opposite National Stadium.

The white ‘Kurta’ seems to be 100 feet high and is being stretched out using five long armed cranes. While Kurtas have been in for quite a while now, this giant does not get close to the contemporary design and rather looks like the very traditional, collar-less thing. The structure was really white but I am sure it will just take half a day for the city air to make it turn from white to grey in color. They better hurry up with the event and roll this back before the campaign starts biting back!

Stage lights arrays are visible on the ground indicating a ceremony planned in this connection. The early morning air was already bending the stretched backplane on which the ‘kurta’ has been tucked and no pressure relieving air passes were visible. If the weather gets windy, this can become a risky business.

Image Credits: Raja Islam

Driving to Airport? Beware of Fake LEA

‘Where are you coming from saab?’ asked the radio cab employee very casually as he carried my luggage to the cab I had hired to go home from the airport after arriving back in the city following a four day trip abroad. Feeling uncomfortable in the early morning cold weather, I replied him tersely: ‘Dhaka’. It was only after I was heading home in the taxi that I realized that it was not very intelligent of me to have provided this information to the person. I had heard a few stories of passengers being stopped during the wee hours of the day and early morning and being looted of their valuables with clear connection of porters and cab companies staff being involved in the rackets.

I was lucky to make it safely to the home without meeting such a fate. However, a close friend of mine was not that lucky. He was driving to the airport in the early morning and was robbed off his black berry, cash, wrist watch and some other valuable documents by a group of people who were dressed up in something that mimicked the uniforms of Rangers. A recent story I read elsewhere had a similar account where a lady coming from the airport was stopped and looted of her valuables by a car with a blue emergency light atop giving the interceptors some kind of a law enforcement agency’s look.

Seems like we all need to be careful while traveling towards airport and make sure we do not feel obliged to stop at every LEA lookalike unless it is absolutely clear that they are genuine.

Salahuddin Mian (1939 – 2006) – Retrospective, January 29, 2008, The Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture (IVS), in collaboration with the National College of Arts (NCA, Lahore), launched “Salahuddin Mian, Retrospective” exhibition of Pakistan’s first modern ceramist Salahuddin Mian.

Severe Gun Battle in Landhi leaves two cops dead

A severe gun battle enraged between terrorists from the Jundullah group and the police took place today evening around 9pm in Landhi and Shah Latif Town leaving in its trail the sad demise of two cops, one of whom was a DSP. In the gun battle it is reported that five terrorists were also killed which also included Qasim Toori a wanted criminal from the Karachi Corps Commander case.

The terrorists were killed in Landhi Sector 89, tried to escape during a police raid and were then holed up in a building a gun battle lasting more than five hours took place. They fled from Shah Latif Town in a car. A police alert was sent out and a Landhi Police Station police patrol headed by TPO Landhi Azad Khan intercepted the terrorists near a petrol pump in Sector-89. A gun battle ensued which resulted in the death of DSP Asghar Dahri and Head Constable Raja Tahir while TPO Azad Khan and his guard Hanif suffered bullet injuries

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The Persian Princess Hoax

Seven years ago, a ‘mummy’ was discovered in Pakistan which was considered to be dating back to the 6th century BC. Later it was confirmed that it was a fake and may even be the body of a murder victim. That was in 2001.

Today, its 2008 and the mummy still lies at the Eidhi Center Morgue in Karachi, amid a bureaucratic snuffle about who will be the proper authority to allow its burial.

Guess we have one more ‘attraction’ for adventure seekers here. Go see it before the government actually does something about it.

Teeth Maestro & Jamal Ashiqain on Breakfast with DAWN

KMB bloggers , well done !!

Bakra House

Bakra House @ Clifton

Talk about interesting things in Karachi! This house is in Clifton and as mentioned in this Flickr comment discussion, it seems to have gone thru a number of changes. Any idea of what is the intent here?

Animals aren’t safe either

Seven cows died on Sunday while consuming poisonous water being discharged by a fertiliser factory and other mills located near Ghaghar Phattak, Bin Qasim Town, local residents told The News on Sunday.

The industrial waste is streaming into old Ghaghar River, going through to the sea. The villagers belonging to Sodho Goth, Peer Bux Goth, Nizam Goth and others are very concerned about the loss of their livestock, which, they say, is increasing due to the discharge of factory waste into the river.

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